Best Drama TV shows ever – Ultimate Top Ten

Best drama tv shows ever

Great character developement, intriguing story lines and intense acting performances are the earmarks of the ten best drama TV shows ever.

Best Drama Series – Ultimate Top Ten Ranking


10. Friday Night Lights

One of NBCs best TV dramas ever is about the highschool football team in a small town in Texas. The portrayal of American culture with issues like school, life opportunities, drugs, family etc. is very realistic. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton stand out!


9. Mr. Robot

The Amazon Prime hit is one of the best new drama TV shows. It`s about a hacker, who stands between protecting people from cyber-crime and taking down the US economy world of big concerns. Very fresh show, a different approach to drama TV with references to current issues.


8. Sons of Anarchy

Very, very interesting insights into the life in an outlaw motorcycle club in California. Good pictures, lots of violence, interesting group dynamics. It revolves around Jax Teller (Charlie Hunman), who is set to lead the criminal gang in the near future, but developments in his private life make him question this path. Highly recommended!


7. West Wing

Brillant screen writer Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) created one of the best drama series ever. The show about the life of a US president and his staff in the White House. We get to follow them to all kinds of crises – laws, elections, other parties, friction with other nations, but also personal problems like drugs, prostitution or chronicle illness. Very, very interesting and (probably) very accurate picture of the work of US government.


6. The Good Wife

A politicians wife returns to her old job as a lawyer, because her husband is being sentenced to jail for embezzlement. Alicia Floorick (the brillant Julianna Margulies) has to re-orient herself in that new situation and apart from the job has to cope with more issues like colleagues of the chamber making her advances, while it seems like her husband has been the victim of a political conspiracy. Just wonderful TV, not a boring minute here.


5. The O.C.

One of my favourite shows ever, a fantastic mix of highscool drama and comedy. With many beloved characters like the always upright Sandy Cohen, his son Seth “not a single sentence without sarcasm” Cohen and rather close-lipped but quick with his fists Ryan Atwood. Seasons 1-3 are more about the drama while season for after Marissa`s death focusses on the light comedy part. Which I think, they did great, especially by promoting the lively Taylor Townsend and making her Ryan`s love interest. What an enchanting girl that Autumn Reeser is! However, the first two seasons are pretty much a must-see for US high school kids. Season 3 is a little weaker and season 4 is different, but among the best TV dramas throughout .


4. House of cards

The political drama with Kevin Spacey as congressman Francis Underwood  has to be considered one of the best drama series of all time. Brilliant insight into US politics.


3. Homeland

CIA operations officer Carrie Mathison suspects a marine that was held hostage and finally rescued to have turned to al-Quaeda. While Nicholas Brody is treated as a war hero, she carefully tries to find out if he really plans a terrorist attack on American soil. From the producers of crime drama 24, but a little quieter. But high tension as well. If you like 24, you`ll like Homeland as well.


2. Emergency room

If you think of good drama series, “ER” probably comes to mind. The long-lasting NBC hit show made it to 15 seaons and depicts life of the staff and patients in a Chicago hospital. It tries and succeeds to to that in a realistic and accurate way, but humour is often used to lighten up the dramatic story lines. You really get sucked into the life of Dr. Green & Co and you clutch your remote when another emergency case is being rolled into the hospital. Very fast-paced story-telling and an often copied but never reached role model for hospital/doctors series.


1. Six Feet Under

Champion in this ranking of the best drama TV shows is “Six Feet Under”. When the father of the Fisher family dies on Christmas day, his beloved ones have to cope with the consequences and keep running the Fisher & Sons funeral home in Los Angeles. This tragicomic show scores with brilliant writing and character development as well as very dark humor.


Do you agree with the top ten ranking? Or are there any other good drama series that should be mentioned?













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