Best mixed doubles pair ever in badminton

Best mixed doubles pair ever in badminton

Mixed doubles has developed a lot and nowadays is probably the most tactical discipline in Badminton. The female players have developed and are no longer just pretty accessories at the net. Therefore smashing to the female mixed doubles player is not enough, you have to out maneuver your opponents. That makes this discipline a highly intriguing business…

10. Koo Sung Yun/Kim Ha Na (South Korea)

Greatest achievements: Korea Open and Singapore Open 2016 champions, Australian Open, French Open and Denmark Open champions 2015
Strength: Koo`s power smash and court coverage, Ha Na`s good allround game
Weakness: Not that mentally strong


9. Thomas Laybourn/Kamilla Rytter Juhl (Denmark)

Greatest achievements: World champions 2009, European champions 2006
Strength: Rytter-Juhls good reach and Laybourne was sooo creative, amazing to watch
Weakness: Lack of power


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8. Nathan Robertson/Gail Emms (Great Britain)

Great Britain`s best mixed doubles pair ever in Badminton. But the Adcock`s are getting closer!

Greatest achievements: Olympic silver medal 2004, All England champions 2005
Strength: Very traditional approach to mixed doubles: Gail Emms almost always at the net, therefore very rarely lifted the shuttle
Weakness: Emms`crouched defense and Robertson`s stamina


7. Zheng Siwei/Chen Qingchen (China)

The most promising and impressive juniors in a long time and they already delivered on the big stage: World number one ranking in mixed doubles!

Greatest achievements: Malaysia, French and Japan Open champions as well as BWF Super Series Finals champions 2016. Seven Grand Prix tournament victories in a very short period directly after changing from juniors to seniors.
Strength: Both players with a very good all-court game, agressive
Sometimes to wild and unexperienced


6. Joachim Fischer-Nielsen/Christina Pedersen (Denmark)

Greatest achievements: Olympic bronze medal 2012, 13 BWF Super Series titles
Strength: Amazing fighting spirit and tactically astute
Weakness: Fischer-Nielsen very hectic and not exactly naturally gifted compared to the Asian players, has to work hard


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5. Lee Yong Dae/Lee Hyo-jung (South Korea)

Greatest achievements: Olympic gold medal 2008
Strength: Lee Yong Dae`s all-court control and vision, the tall girl`s lethal front court domination
Weakness: No power smash


4. Nova Widianto/Liliyana Natsir (Indonesia)

I loved these two so mch together, in my opinion the most beautiful game to watch. Widianto was pure creativity and skill. And Natsir, well…pretty much the best women in badminton mixed doubles of all times!

Greatest achievements: Olympic silver medal 2008, two-time world champions
Strength: Widianto`s technique and creativity, Natsir`s defence and net play
Weakness: Nova`s stamina


3. Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei (China)

Probably the most dominant number one mixed-doubles pairing of all times!

Greatest achievements: Olympic gold & bronze medalist, three-times World & Asian Games champion
Strength: Court coverage, defense, mentality, consistency etc.
Weakness: Can´t think of anything


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2. Zhang Jun/Gao Ling (China)

Greatest achievements: Consecutive Olympic gold medals 2000 & 2004, World champions 2001, three-time All England Championship winners
Strength: They had it all!
Weakness: Hm, maybe Zhang Yun`s athletic abilities


1. Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir (Indonesia)

Fantastic Badminton mixed doubles pair! Ahmad is without a doubt the most lethal attacker in the game and Natsir`s defence is just insane. After a disappointing Olymics 2012 they worked on their weaknesses and in Rio 2016 managed to win the title without dropping a single game, there wasn`t even a really close game!

Greatest achievements: Olympic gold medal 2016, world champions 2013, 14 BWF superseries titles
Strength: Insane defense AND attacking skills
Weakness: Sometimes play to loose, but since 2012 developed their game so much

Best mixed doubles pair ever in Badminton - Tontowi Ahmad Liliyana Natsir
Pierre-Yves Beaudouin / Wikimedia Commons, via Wikimedia Commons








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