Best sitcom characters ever

Sitcoms contain lots of crazy characters we can heartily laugh about. The upcoming ten stand out with brillant character drawing and great acting performances: The ten best sitcom characters ever!

10. Jeff Murdock (Coupling)

That crazy guy has to be in this ranking without a doubt. He will always be remembered for his desperate and unsklilled attempts to meet women. I most certainly will never forget how he appeared in the bar with an SM-mask (which he forgot to take off and wasn`t aware of) and talked to his slightly agitated friends. Doensn`t get much better than this.

9. Carlton Banks (Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

Without Will`s small, ambitious, pedantic, annoying yet really lovable cousin the show wouldn`t have been half as funny. He sets up the punchlines for Will and makes us burst in tears with his dancing moves, singing performances and smart-alecky lectures. Every comedy needs such a sidekick and Carlton is perfect for this role, therefore one of the best sitcom characters ever.

8. James van der Beek (Don`t trust that bitch in appartment 23)

The mega-teen-dream of every pubescent girl of the 90s simply plays himself and riddicules his own iconic status. What a brillant move! Van der Beek plays the arrogant narcisstic actor, who lives on his long gone fame, with such a joy, it`s delightful. Every single second with him as an ex teenstar is pure indulgence, unfortunately the rest of the show cannot keep up with him.

7. Al Bundy (Married with children)

The unsuccessful shoe-seller is nothing less but cult!!! Actually there is no need to say much more. When he enters his home and reports his latest experiences with his customers I cannot keep a straight face. Neither can I when he talks about making four touchdowns in highschool for the 372th time or when he desperately tries to escape his conjugal duties with the red dragon. Just sensational stuff, Al must be considered as one of the best sitcom characters ever without a doubt.

6. Ross Gellar (Friends)

Faboulously embodied by David Schwimmer. Just seeing him makes me laugh, he doesn`t even have to say or do something. The three-times divorved palaeontologist is an exceptionally well-written character, very kind, sympathetic and lovable. I can`t really assign him to a certain kind of humour. If something stands out, it`s probably his facial expressions and physical comedy. Saying that one of the best Friends episodes comes to mind where he simulates a shark attack at the window sill. If you don`t know it, search and watch on youtube. Magnificient performance!

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5. Arthur Spooner (King of Queens)

The main reason for the show`s success. In every single one of the great King of Queens episodes he has some crazy stuff in mind which is bound to strain his son-in-law`s nerves and our laugh muscles. Whether it`s his attempt to send Afro-American Deacon back into slavery because he owes him money or the effort to convince a young indian to write down his life; whatever he is up to, killingly funny it`s always.

4. Barney Stinson (How I met your mother)

Legen…wait for it…dary!!! Neil Patrick Harris`s role makes the difference between a good and a brillant sitcom. What would How I met your mother be without the serial womanizer who tries to get a hot girl in every episode? Surprisingly he never does it by -as men are always taught- being himself. No, each time he tries a new way of chatting up a woman to reach his goal. One time he masquerades as his 80-year old self (I have got to try that!) to convince a hot chick of seducing young Barney; another time he dresses like a baby to rouse maternal instincts…the creativity and inventiveness of the man in suits knows no bounds. Do his tricks really work?

3. Niles Crane (Frasier)

First one on the podium of the best sitcom characters ever is radio psychiatrist Frasier Crane`s little brother Niles Crane. Equally snobby, even funnier. His feeble attempts to flirt with his secret crush Daphne alone are worth watching the show. This one is also a very well written character. A little arrogant, not one of the cool kids, yet very clever, well-behaved, witty and -most important- with hilarious quirks and whims. And in addition once again…simply lovable!

2. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)

I don`t even know how many Emmy`s Jim Parson has won in the meantime for his display of the brillant, not crazy (his mother had him tested) Dr. Sheldon Cooper. But I know it must have been a few and I know that everyone of them is well-deserved. Although the role is pretty thankful and makes it easy to shine due to the good writing…the facial expressions and especially the intonation Parson comes up with is nothing less than perfect. I could start to list a few highlights of Sheldon now, but where to start? Just this much: his interactions with Penny are my favourite scenes in the Big Bang Theory episodes. It`s just hard to believe what kind of  sitcom character has been developed here. So watch, prepare to be amazed and enjoy…you`ll know what I mean then.

1. Chandler Bing (Friends)

Well, Sheldon Cooper not in the top spot of the best sitcom characters ever? That really says something, because it doesn`t get any better. Or does it? Yep, Chandler Muriel Bing already has the edge at nomenclature. And in all other aspects Matthew Perry is also a tad ahead. His faces, gestures and intonation are beyond doubt, Perry delivers the best possible comedy acting constantly for ten years. He of course benefits from his “Friends (The best sitcom ever)” who are simply even better than the nerd gang. In combination with his best buddy Joey the humor-meter rises steeply. Enough said: Chandler Bing is without a doubt the best sitcom character of all times!




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