2014 FIFA world cup favourite teams

Who is the biggest favourite for winning the world cup 2014 in Brazil. Check out the best teams.

10. Mexico

Playing in the heat of Brazil might be an advantage for them against European opponents. And they prooved to be a tough competition, beat Brazil in the Olypic final. So who nows, players like Hernandez or Dos Sanstos could become stars of the world cup.

Mexico FIFA world cup 2014 favourite teams




9. Netherlands

Arjen Robben had a brillant season and is as good as never before. But the other former topstars cannot keep up. Wesley Snijder, van der Vaart and van Persie are not as good as they used to be. Sorry, once again they won`t win the world cup.

Netherlands FIFA world cup 2014 favourite teams




8. Italy

They don`t seem to be that strong this year, but it did seem like this two years ago. And look what they did to Germany in 2012. So never count out the Italians, they play an ugly game but understand to somehow win it. Always dangerous.

Italy FIFA world cup 2014 favourite teams




7. Belgium

What? Belgium a favourite for world cup 2014? This small country? Yes! Their focus on developing young players finally pays off. A tremendously talented team around the best youngster worldwide -Chelsea`s Eden Hazard-, superfast striker Lukaku, badass defender Kompany from Manchester City and maybe the best goalkeeper Cortouis. Watch out for them!

Belgium FIFA world cup 2014 favourite teams




6. Portugal

The team around Superstar Christiano Ronaldo will be very tough to beat. At the last world cup in South Africa they were the toughest challenge for the brillant Spanish national squad. Very good defense around Real Madrids Champions League winners Pepe and Coentrao and a dangerous offense around Ronaldo and Nani. Might reach the semis…

 Portugal FIFA world cup 2014 favourite teams




5. Germany

Probably the most talented squad out there. So many young, hungry, fast players with good technique plus a few very experienced players. So why won`t they win? It`s simple, they are playing way too offensive and aren`t capable of defending at the necessary level. So the German team is very entertaining but unfortunately no world cup champion material.

Germany FIFA world cup 2014 favourite teams




4. Chile

Yes, I`m serious. Chile is a dark horse, they are actually capable of winning the world cup. Most players may not be well known in Europe, but they showed there skills in tryouts against Germany and England. They play a very powerful and physical football and that might be too much to handle for the European top teams in the humid conditions. South Americans are used to that…

Chile FIFA world cup 2014 favourite teams




3. Brazil

The world cup host won the confederations cup in a comvincing manner. These team is not comparable to former Brazilian sqads, these days they have a very compact, well organized system, a strong defense. But of course players like Neymar or Hulk promise spectacular goals and this mixture is very promising.

Brazil FIFA world cup 2014 favourite teams




2. Argentinia

I have always been a fan of the Albiceleste, since their squads usually play beautiful and brillant attacking football. Plus they regularly bring out these creative playmakers with wonderful technique like Ariel Ortega, Pablo Aimar, Juan Roman Riquelme etc.

There recent team certainly has its weaknesses in defense but I`m positive, there offensive power will help them to have a successful tournament. Lionel Messi has had a complicated season and has not been his usual self. But to me he is the best football player on earth in top form and he will get there in time. Assisted by top stars like Angel Di Maria, Fernando Gago or Sergio Aguero I`m positive Argentinia will surprise us all.

Argentinia FIFA world cup 2014 favourite teams




1. Spain

They`re tired, old and not as hungry for success as they used to. That`s what I hear a lot about the spanish squad and it`s understandable why one would think so. But in fact they are far from that. The defending champion has to be considered the heavy favourite for the upcoming FIFA world cup. Xavi and Iniesta may have gotten a little slower, but they still control the midfield in brillant fashion. And the Barca players with an average season will definately try everything to make that forgotten. The Real and Athletico Madrid players on the other hand will arrive in Brazil with huge confidence . The density of quality in the spanish squad is incredible, their club teams dominated the european cups, so this is my pick for winning the trophy!

Spain FIFA world cup 2014 favourite teams

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