Best action movies ever

Turn of your brains and stop thinking. Just enjoy the explosions, crashes and bullets flying around. the following top 10 best action movies ever will give you exactly that.

Top Action Movies – The Ultimate Top Ranking


11. Transporter

Frank Martin has developed a successful little business of transporting delicate wares without asking questions. One day the package he has to transport turns out to be a sexy Chinese girl. This means trouble, because his clients are not happy about his discovery. Thats when his driving and Kung Fu skills come in quite handy. Can Frank save the day? The Transporter series starts the ranking and many good action movies will follow…

10. The Rock

Nicolas Cage appears surprisingly often in the ranking of the best action movies ever. But what can I say, i don`t think he is a really good actor, but he seems to be born for that roles. of course in The Rock former 007 Sean Connery steals the show as the only man ever to escape from Alcatraz. Decades later the government asks him to go back again to save tourist that are being held hostage there. Full of patriotism but whatever, very well done by Michael Bay.


9. Face Off

The master of Hong Kong cinema -John Woo- directed these brillant action ballad, that features John Travolta and Nicolas cage as fierce opponents that inbetween trade roles when the good guy decides to have his enemies face transplanted to infiltrate the gangster organisation. Spectacular stuff!


8. Con Air

The most dangerous convicts of the United States are supposed to be transferred to another prison via plane. Up in the air they manage the gain control of the cockpit and plan to escape to another country. So all the ingredients for top action movies. But among the cons is former U.S. marine Cameron Poe, who just wants to return to his family. Pretending to be one of the bad guys he secretly tries to save the tense situation. Very straightforward actioner with the typical Michael Bay ingredients like patriotism and heroic music.


7. Bad Boys

Might be the coolest and most stylish movie ever. Comedy star and rapper Will Smith finally turns into a huge action hero. In company with his partner Marcus, playboy / cop Mike Lowrey blows up Miamis drug dealers in 114 minutes of action and supercool sayings.


6. Time Cop

Not that well-known, but it should be mentioned in every list of good action movies. In my opinion it`s Jean-Claude Van Damme`s best movie. Time Travel is always a delicate topic, because the logic must be coherent in itself and this movies succeeds here. Van Damme as Max Walker is an agent responsible for preventing abuse of time travel, because of course many criminals would like to change the past in their favour. When a Politician grabs for more power and Walkers wife is killed, things seem to get out of his hands…


5. Speed

Keanu Reeves and sexy bus driver Sandra Bullock against crazy Dennis Hopper=The mega hit of 1994 and one of the best action movies ever! A full bus on the highway must not slow down under 50 mph or will explode. Don`t miss this rollercoaster ride.


4. Lethal Weapon

The cultic duo Martin Riggs & Roger Murtaugh in their first adventure. Watching the L.A. cops in this hard action film mixed with some comedy just never gets old. I like the first one the most, but all three sequels are not far behind. And no…Murtaugh never is too old for this…


3. True Lies

Probably a little underrated among critics, but I have to say: True Lies has it all! It`s action-packed, with cool one-liners and a capturing storyline, losts of humorous scenes around the marriage crisis and the perfect cast for the lead character: THE action hero of the modern era, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in one of the top action movies of the 90s.


2. Die Hard

Terrorists take a whole tower in L.A. hostage and there is nothing the police could do. But Ex-cop John McLane is in there and decides to take on the bad guys one by one. Bruce Willis simply rocks as one-man army…the role of his lifetime! best action movies ever

1. Taken

The terrific Liam Neeson as an ex CIA agent who`s daughter has been kidnapped by slave traders in Paris. He has 96 hours left to find her. So he sets off immidiately and single-handedly steamrolls everyone between him and his daughter. A badass movie, Neeson is just ultra-cool and relentless and it`s huge fun watching him beating up the bad guys. My absolute favourite among all top action movies!


So do you agree with this ranking of the best action movies ever? Or do you think, some other films should be mentioned? Feel free to comment!


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