Best adventure movies ever

Brave people on dangerous trips including dangerous creatures, fighting, riddling and running – might be the most entertaining of all genres. The best adventure movies to watch…

Top Adventure Movies – The Ultimate Ranking


10. National treasure: Book of secrets

Well, certainly no Oscar material, but actually consistently entertaining and therefore one of the best adventure films out there. Typical treasure hunter movie with some humour, a little tension, some action scenes and lots of riddle-solving. Doesn`t hurt that Diane Kruger is easy on the eyes for sure!


9. Stand by me

This is a coming-of-age movie and children`s adventure movie at the same time. It features many young actors just at the beginning of their careers: Kiefer Sutherland, River Phoenix, Will Wheaton, Corey Feldman, Jerry O`Connel and John Cusack and more. It`s about a group of kids from a small town in Oregon. One day they decide to search for a supposedly dead body in the woods and set off for an adventurous journey…


8. The Revenant

The role that finally got Leonardo DiCaprio the well-deserved Academy Award. Incredibly pictures in this story about a legendary hunter, who seeks revenge for being left behind and robbed. The cold scenery makes you want to take a hot bath after watching the movie and the Grizzly Bear attack is one of the most intense scenes you`ll ever see on a screen. Has to be mentioned among the top adventure movies.


7. Life of Pi

Ang Lee`s parabel is a beautifully narrated and even more so pictured survival trip on open water. One of the best adventure movies to watch if you like the wide ocean.


6. Cast away

Tom Hanks on a survival trip after his plane crashes and he is stranded on a desert island.


5. The Last of the Mohicans

One of the great adventure movies of the 90s with three-time Oscar winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis. Features an adventure during the French and Indian war, where three upright men have to protect two daughters of a British colonel from the dangers of the midwest in the 18th century.


4. The Goonies

Brings back some childhood memories. I watched this when I was about 8 years old and I remember how I wished I had been in that adventure. A group of kids in a US coast village will be forced to move away with their families soon due to cash-hungry businessmen. Their last hope is a treasure map they find in the attic. Thats the start of a fantastic adventure that has everything a chuld could dream of. I am grown up now but still could watch this all the time. Pure movie magic…


3. Indiana Jones and the last crusade

Despite being Han Solo in Star Wars, this is THE role of a lifetime for Harrison Ford. He made four movies and history as handsome, smart and clever archeologist getting into trouble while chasing the most famous artefacts of mankind – in this case the holy grail. Always highly entertaining stuff, who wouldn`t like to be in all this adventures with Indy? Simply awakes the child in all of us. The Indiana Jones films are surely the best adventure movies to watch out there!


2. Romancing the stone (Auf der Jagd nach dem grünen Diamanten)

One of the great adventure movies of the 80s – good old hand-made action and a very charming movie couple. A sequel followed and some more flicks with Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas in the lead. They just had brillant chemistry on screen. Turner in the role of a writer sets off to South America to find her kidnapped sister and meets a blunt but exciting treasure hunter. All set for one of the best adventure movies ever.


1. Raiders of the lost ark

Indiana Jones already on no. 3 with the third movie of the franchise. But Indy on the hunt for the the lost ark against the Nazis is even better and clearly number one of the top adventure movies. It`s got snakes, Marion Ravenwood and Indy running away from a big boulder…nuff said!


So these are in my opinion the best adventure movies to watch. If you disagree feel free to leave a comment.











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