Best Bachata Songs – 10 most popular bachata songs of all time

Best songs for Bachata dancing
The 10 Best songs to dance Bachata

Have you ever tried dancing to bachata music? If not, I suggest you learn the dance as quickly as possible and enjoy the ten best bachata songs ever!

10. Corazon sin cara – Prince Royce

Released in 2010 this song received the Billboard Latin Music Award for Tropical Song of the Year and therefore has to be among the top bachata songs.

“Y si eres gorda o flaca
Todo eso no me importa a mí
Y tampoco soy perfecto
Sólo sé que te quiero así”

9. Obsession – Aventura

Obsession was a huge smash hit in 2002 even in Europe!

“Now it ain’t love. lo que tu sientes se llama obsesion.
una ilusion, that plays with your mind and makes you take action
when you’re obsessed that’s how it goes.”


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 8. Careless whisper – Grupo Extra

George Michael`s original version is great, this remix as bachata music is amazing!

“Yo nunca volveré a bailar,
Si no es contigo no hay motivo
Y aunque vas el disimular tu sabes no es lo mismo
Nunca te dejaré de amar, porqué sin ti estoy perdido
Es que nunca seré jamás lo que yo fué contigo”

7. Borracho Y loco – Toque DKeda

Kind of an unusual choice, not that often used on parties, but it works very well with this kind of dance and is one of the top bachata songs to dance to.

“Y yo estoy aquí
borracho y loco
y mi corazón idiota
siempre brillará,
y yo te amaré”


6. Eres Mia Letra – Romeo Santos

Among the most popular bachata songs for years, rather quiet and slow, with a fantastic chorus.

“No te asombres
Si una noche
Entro a tu cuarto y nuevamente te hago mía
Bien conoces
Mis errores
El egoísmo de ser dueño de tu vida
Eres mía (mía mía)
No te hagas la loca eso muy bien ya lo sabias”


5. Stand by me – Prince Royce

Ben E. King`s  classic hit from 1961 adapted to fit the sensual bachata music moves.

“And darling, darling stand by me, oh stand by me
Oh stand, junto a mi, junto a mi”


4. Me Puedo Matar – Bachata Heightz feat. Hactor Acosta

Timeless Latin super hit song!

“Bachata Heightz:
y ya no se que pasara cuando vea que en verdad te vas
mi corazon no va aguantar, y va dejar de palpitar
y tengo miedo cometer un delito, porque hasta me puedo matar”

3. Hilito – Romeo Santos

One of the most popular Latin singers with one of his best bachata songs.

Sin ti me he convertido en un bufon
El payaso del salón
Miento cuando digo odiarte
Yo que privaba en vencedor
Quien ganaba en el amor
Y me diste jaque mate”

2. Uno Mas – Croma Latina

I noticed this song while watching some bachata lessons in a club in Israel on youtube. It works so well with the two girl`s dance moves:


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1. Te extrano – Xtreme

The first place was never in doubt. Ever since I saw Tanja La Alemana and Jorge Ataca dancing to this beautiful bachata song, I can`t get enough of it. Check out their viral youtube hit video and you`ll know what I mean! Certainly the number one of the most popular bachata songs of all time.

“Te amo y te extraño quiero verte junto a mi
Abrasados de las manos y estar junto a ti
Pero me mata la conciencia el saber que no esta aqui
O baby why you gotta be doing this to me”


So do you agree? Or can you think of other top bachata songs that I should try dancing to?




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