Best boy bands ever

Boy bands are a fascinating matter. They make young girls scream a lot and many boy group members can`t even sing that good and simply just look quite good. But the best boy bands ever delivered many great songs. Here is the top ranking:

You will find 90s boy bands as well as boy bands of the 80s and even the new millenium. Although the 90s certainly dominate the list. There are by the way British boy bands and American boy bands represented exclusively. So let`s start…

10. O-Town

This boygroup emerged from the popular MTV-Show “Making the band” by Lou Pearlman, the producer of the Backstreet Boys. It was the first time a whole band was casted in a public TV show and it worked. There first single “Liquid dreams” was a super hit song and “All or nothing” was also quite fine. It ended pretty fast, but I liked them.

Greatest hits:

  • Liquid dreams
  • All or nothing

9. All-for-one

They emerged in 1994 with one of the best ballads of all times…”I swear”, a fantastic song that I still like listening to. Next release was “She`s got skills” which was kind of catchy, but they were never able to keep up the success.

Greatest hits:

  • I swear
  • I can love you like that


8. Blue

This highlight of british boy bands consists of four very unsuccessful casting show participants. Surprisingly they team up well together and produced quite a few very catchy songs, check out their best of album…astonishing quality throughout.

Greatest hits:

  • U make me wanna
  • One Love
  • All rise


7. The Jackson 5

Kind of the first American boyband. Founded in 1964 as “The Jackson Brothers” later renamed to “The Jackson 5” when Marlon and megastar Michael Jackson joined the band. Although the band doesn`t exist anymore, the project still earns about 50 million dollars per year with its music. The most successful Black music group of all times.

Greatest hits:

  • I`ll be there
  • I want you back


6. One Direction

The five members took part in “The X-Factor” individually, but during the show had been recommended to team up as a band. That worked quite fine, they came in third and enjoy immense success ever since. The most successful of all British boy bands in the new millenium.

Greatest hits:

  • What makes you beautiful
  • Drag me down


5. N`Sync

Yes, Justin Timberlake once was a boygroup member. Who would have thought that this slim teenager would become the maybe biggest entertainer of the whole planet one day? Nevertheless N`Sync released some very fine songs. They started with “I want you back” and peaked with “Bye bye bye”, one of THE 90s boy bands!

Greatest hits:

  • Bye Bye Bye
  • Tearin`up my heart


4. New Kids on the block

The first one`s! The boygroup prototype broke all the merchandising records during their prime and sold over 80 million singles. Joey McIntyre was pretty much the “Justin Bieber of the 90s” and had quite a decent solo career after the band split up in 1994. They also layed the groundwork for another American boyband that would emerge a little later…

Greatest hits:

  • Step by Step
  • Please don`t go, girl


3. Take That

Ignited a mega hype in the mid 90s with hits like “Back for good”, “Relight my fire” and “Never forget”. And probably made every European girl aged 10-17 burst into tears when they announced their break-up in 1996. The most talented musician among them was definitely Gary Barlow, but it was Robbie Williams who started a successful solo career.

Greatest hits:

  • Back for Good
  • Relight my fire
  • Never Forget


2. Boyz II Men

Over 60 million sold records speak for itself. One of the most successful boybands ever. Three of their singles have had record duration at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 single charts… “End of the Road”, “I`ll make love to you” and “One sweet day”.

Greatest hits:

  • End of the Road
  • I`ll make love to you


1. Backstreet Boys

Boybands of the 90s - Best boy bands ever
By Krystaleen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The ultimate boy band of all the 90s boy bands had countless hits and did not thrive from teenage girls with a crush buying every album cause of their good looks. No, that was quality music. Beautiful ballads like “As long as you love me” and “Drowning” as well as up tempo songs like the legendary “Everybody”. I sincerely hope that as long as there`ll be music they`ll be coming back again!

Greatest hits:

  • Get down
  • Quit playing games with my heart
  • Everybody






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