Best Christmas Movies Ever – Top Christmas Films

Similarly to the best Christmas songs here are the best Christmas movies that are entitled to bring you in a festive mood. The ranking features classic Christmas movies as well as modern and animated Xmas movies.

Top Christmas movies

10. Bad Santa

Number 10 of the best Christmas movies offers a different approach to Christmas, but despite a very unusual Santa Claus delivers a festive message.


9. A Muppets Christmas Carol

The cultic puppets show us how they celebrate Xmas in their very own version of Christmas films.


8. Nightmare before Christmas

The stop motion picture is one of the classic Christmas movies and a very Tim Burton like approach to Christmas. A little scary and weird but impressive pictures nonetheless.


7. It`s a wonderful life

Perfect example of Classic Christmas movies: George Bailey (James Stewart) wants to commit suicide, but an Angel is sent to his rescue and shows him why his life is worth living. Timeless beautiful narration about whats really important in life and certainly among the Top Christmas movies.


6. How the Grinch stole Christmas

The grumpy Grinch (perfect role for Carrey) tries to destroy the festive mood of a whole town, which is not as easy as he thought. Funny story and Christmas feeling in one of the best Christmas movies, what more do we want?


5. I`ll be home for Christmas

Kind of an insider tip, since it`s not that well-known. Jonathan Taylor Thomas (the kid from “Home improvement”) is marrooned in a desert one day before Christmas and desperatley tries to get home because he is promised a porsche if he succeeds to be there in time. During this road trip he learns some valuable lessons about what really counts and we see some very funny characters and scenes. I highly recommend this one!


4. The Santa Claus

Tim Allen`s transformation into Santa is heartwarming and funny. One of the Must-see Christmas films.


Top Christmas Movies – The Podium


3. National Lampoon`s Christmas vacation

Totally cultic and the funniest of all the classic Christmas movies for sure. Chevy Chase`s Christmas-Mania is hilarious, highlights are the lighting of the house and the sleigh ride in a wok.


2. Home alone

Brings back childhood memories. And young Kevin dealing with the bad guys by transforming the house into a parcour of pain is always entertaining, and the Christmas feeling is not missing either. Runner-up of the Best Christmas movies and recommended especially for kids.


1. Love actually

Not just the definition of Romantic movies, also the definition of Christmas films! A Must-see on Christmas every year and the clear winner of the Top Chrismas movies ranking.


I hope you enjoyed the list of the best Christmas movies. If you can think of other Classic Christmas movies, that you`d recommend to watch, just leave a comment.









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