Best drama movies ever

Hardly any humour, no thundering action, yet immensely captivating. The best drama movies ever:

10. The Wrestler

Impressive look behind the curtain of professional wrestling. Quite shocking what price the athletes have to pay for a career. Mickey Rourke`s acting is intense.


9. Match Point

It is not a secret how much I love tennis. So it`s not that much of a surprise I like Woody Allen`s little masterpiece. Even though tennis doesn`t play a leading role. A mildly successful tennis pro is thinking about his future after the tennis career and joins a big company with the help of his new girlfriend, which is the bosses daughter. He likes his new playing style and doesn`t want to jeopardise this chance, so he marries into the family although his dreamgirl is somenone else. Nonetheless he has an affair with that girl…with disastrous consequences.


8. The Social Network

Also known as “the facebook movie”. How they made such an entertaining business drama from the emergence of a social network is really hard to believe. Whether the portrayal is realistic or not, Mark Zuckerberg`s rapid rise is greatly narrated, acted, illustrated and accompanied by a wonderful soundtrack.


7. Requiem for a dream

This movie is truly a masterpice, but I highly recommend to not watch it in difficult phases of life! Because this trip to drug hell can actually drag you down into depression, so if you are mentally unstable, better wait til you`re feeling better again. Besides the powerful pictures a fantastic score underling them stands out. That`s how good drama movies should be!


6. American History X

Neo-Nazi Derek is imprisoned for brutal murder of two Afro-Americans. He`s is going through a change of mind there, while his little brother gets deeper and deeper into the milieu. Alarming insight and certainly one of the best drama movies of all time!


5. The Truman Show

Jim Carrey`s strongest performance. He is actually better being “serious” than he is being “funny”. Main character Truman is star of a reality tv show ever since his birth and doesn`t know it. Every step of his life is exposed to millions of spectators, everything around him is unreal and scheduled by a director. This disturbing concept has become an intoxicating motion picture that makes you watch with excitement whether Truman succeeds to escape the tv-show.


4. Slumdog Millionaire

The tv-show “Who wants to be a millionaire” is a hit in India as well. When a young uneducated man answers one question after another, producers become suspicious and have him tortured so he would admit a scam. The young Indian gradually reveals the story of his life then to explain his correct answers. Whether it`s his tough childhood in poverty  or the fight for the love of his life, the surprise hit takes you on a furious rollercoaster ride through the indian slums.


3. Schindlers list

Directing icon Steven Spielberg can`t just do the blockbusters. He can make good drama movies, too. Spielberg strikes the right note for this serious topic and makes you think about it. Industrialist Oskar Schindler wants to save Jews from extermination camp by employing them in his factory. That sends a huge shiver down your spine, it`s hard to avoid tears. The oppressive music plays it`s part, too.


2. American Beauty

A frustrated US-american father of a family in a midlife-crisis looks back on his messed-up life.  Excellent yet disturbing insight behind the facade of a US family.


1. Cruel intentions

Director Roger Kumble gives the well-known 18th century material a fresh coat of paint and hit`s the bull`s eye! He transfers the plot into New York`s upper east side. That`s where the pair of siblings Sebastian and Kathryn -as spoiled as they are attractive- is intriguing around out of pure boredom. When Sebastian is challenged to seduce the new principal`s daughter, their world is shattered. He falls in love with her which Kathryn doesn`t like at all and the disaster takes its course. This masterpiece is just so classy. Great setting in Manhattan, equally great and high-class camera-work, an interesting and captivating story and the best soundtrack ever to accompany a movie. Last but not least I have to mention Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe. At that time Hollywood newcomers they deliver brilliant performances, especially Phillipe is perfect in his role. An absolute cult movie and my pick as number one of the best drama movies ever!


Do you agree or would you suggest some other good drama movies? Feel free to comment!





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