Best fantasy movies ever – Ultimate Top Ten

The best fantasy movies take us to amazing and magical places beyond our imagination. These are the Top Ten.

Top Fantasy Movies – The Ultimate Ranking


10. Prestige

The list of fantasy films starts with two magicians trying to outperform each other with spectacular tricks and illusions in England during industrialization. Who would have thought that you can make such a suspenseful duel from this stuff?


9. Hook

Peter Pan has grown up and is a family father, forgot about his time in Neverland. But when evil Captain Hook kidnaps his children, Peter has to return and remember about his past with the Lost boys to regain his skills. One of the best fantasy movies for the whole family by Steven Spielberg. Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman and Julia Roberts as little elf  Tinkerbell make this movie a magic journey to childhood.


8. Avatar

James Cameron developed the fantastic world of Pandora, which alone is worth watching the movie. Probaly the only one of all the good fantasy movies where 3D really works well. The story is pretty much “Pocahontas” again, but these pictures…just WOW!


7. Ghostbusters

This very charming film from the 80s has to be mentioned among the best fantasy movies ever. It`s one of my favourites, although it is kind of cheesy at times (Giant Marshmallow Man). But still, the Ghostbusters gang is just so lovable and funny.


6. Neverending story

The adaptation of Michael Ende`s novel deals with young boy Bastian, who is reading an old book in a library and gets sucked into it. Suddenly he is right in the middle of a desperate battle to save the magic land Fantasia from a scary force called “The Nothing”, and tries to support Atreyu and the childlike emperor. No. 6 of the top fantasy movies is a must-see for children, although I remember I was quite scared when I watched at the age of 8.


5. Pirates of the Carribean

In the meantime there are five fantasy films about the Pirates of the Carribean. Role of a lifetime for Johnny Depp, who makes the difference with his crazy performance as Captain Jack Sparrow. In company with Will Turner and beautiful Elizabeth he slides into an amazing adventure while hunting for the black Pearl and treasures of gold. Once again pure Disney magic, just not animated for once.


4. 300

The action-packed saga of 300 Spartan warriors taking on a huge Greek army led by a half-god is nothing less than spectacular. Never before have ancient fighting scenes been choreographed that good.


3. Willow

Has lots of elements from a much more popular fantasy franchise (just scroll down a little) but also it`s very own charme. Val Kilmer as heroic warrior has to protect a ring äh baby from an evil queen, because that baby has been predicted to be the saviour of the world and end the queen´s reign. Strap in for two entertaining hours of action, chasing, weird creatures and a sweet lovestory.


2. Harry Potter

At the beginning I would like to point out that these top fantasy movies can never ever keep up with the brillant books penned by j.K. Rowling. The world and story Rowling developed is just to detailed and extensive to press it into 2-hour movies. But since I love that magic world of wizards, witches and muggles I am of course happy that it has been brought to life in the movies. So although I am always annoyed when I notice something that is missing or wrongly depictured I have to admit that the Potter movies are visually stunning. And the final (7.1 and 7.2) is actually partially better as a movie than as book, since it dragged on a bit inbetween. Here the movies are just masterfully brought on screen with simply beautiful pictures and a wonderful athmosphere. So in conclusion I have to say the Harry Potter movies are the second best fantasy film adaptation ever!


1. Lord of the Rings

Kudos to Peter Jackson! I started to read the books but got so bored after a 30-page descrition of a tree that I had to give up. For the Lord of the Rings film adaptation he perfectly shortened the script…the depiction of middle earth, the creatures, the fights and drama, it`s just all perfect and there could not possibly have been a better choice for the landscapes than New Zealand. There are many, many good fantasy movies out there, but “Lord of the Rings” is without a doubt simply the best, a breathtaking holiday for the eyes.


Do you agree with this ranking of the best fantasy movies? If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment!





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