Best Fantasy TV Series Ever – The Top Ten

Find out about the top ten best best fantasy tv series. Lots of super heroes, wild creatures and super villains over here…

Fantasy TV Shows – The Ultimate Ranking


10. Xena

The adventures of Xena the Warrior Princess of course have to be in the ranking of the best fantasy tv show. Lucy Lawless alone is reason enough!


9. American Gods

The mysterious Mr. Wednesday finds himself in between a battle of old and new gods. Sounds a little far fetched, but it`s highly entertaining. Amazon`s new hit with a very promising start. Hope they can keep up the quality.


8. True Blood

Another fantasy tv series about vampires, and again…really good! This time the vampires are able to live among humans due to a newly developed artificial blodd, which allows them to do without drinking human blood. But of course arranging themselves with this new situation isn`t easy…neither for humans nor vampires.


7. Merlin

The adventures of the great wizard Merlin and Prince Artur of Camelot growing up in medieval times have to be examined in one of the best fantasy tv shows.


6. Grimm

Loosely based on the fairy tales of Brothers Grimm. A Portland detective decends from the famous brothers and seems to have special powers that help him when hunting dangerous creatures.


5. Arrow

Finally this “League of Justice” member got his own show instead of being feautured in Smallville & Co. Excentric billionaire Oliver Queen is a super hero at night and fights crime in Star City as the Green Arrow. The dark look, cool fighting scenes and a charismatic main character make this one worth watching.


4. The Flash

What a nice surprise. I didn`t expect too much here, but a first season can hardly be any better. Great cast with Grant Gustin as perfect lead, cross-over episodes with “Arrow”, lots of humorous scenes, of course some “freak of the week episodes”, but always embedded in a fascinating main story arc. So the second half of season one floors the gas pedal and bit by bit reveals more of Barry`s opponent, the “Reverse Flash” – an even faster speedster. I was blown away and luckily the second season started very promising by adding Shantel vanSanten as Patty Spivot to the cast. And Zoom as antagonist isn`t too bad, either! Closely misses the podium of the best fantasy tv shows ranking.


3. Vikings

I just love Vikings! Great depiction of life in Viking tribes, not just the action sequences are convincing. If you are interested into historical stuff, have a look. The Viking raids, their manners and morals, the fightings scenes…everything is just splendid. One of the best fantasy tv series ever!


2. Smallville

Superman meets Dawsons Creek. I have to admit, I love this concept. We get to watch Clark Kent growing up, going through highschool and girls trouble and struggling with his powers and how to use them. Along the way he saves Smallville from meteor freaks and other villains. This show has many fascinating characters and once it leaves the track of merely fighting one bad guy per episode, it developes some very interesting long-term story arcs. To me, Clarks relationship to Lex Luthor stands out. Michael Rosenbaum gives the most noteable performance of all actors ever playing Lex Luthor. So following Clark and Lex on their path from friends to arch enemies is tremedously fascinating!


1. Game of Thrones

This epic about several powerful ruling families and frightening non-human races is probably the most brutal stuff ever brought on TV screens. But it`s also clearly the best fantasy tv show ever made! More nudity, torture, blood, murder and intriguing in one episode than most other shows have in a complete season. Add a squad of really good and accomplished actors, nobody of them or rather their characters ever safe (except Peter Dinklage), great sets and look…a fantastic high-quality production by HBO. Try it and you`ll be addicted!



Do you agree with the top ten best fantasy tv series? Or do you think, there are other shows that should be mentioned?








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