Best feel good movies ever

When I`m feeling a little down I often watch these top feel good movies to raise my spirits again…


Best Feel Good Movies – The Ultimate Top Ten Ranking


10. Ferris Bueller`s day off

Cultic movie about three highschool kids skipping school to spend the day in the city. One of my top feel good movies. Although I admit it has some melancholic undertones, when they talk about their worries regarding future. But the fun prevails. Matthew Broderick`s Beatles performance in Chicago is my favourite part.


9. One fine day

Single parents George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer fall for each other after an interesting day in New York in my no. 9 of the best feel good movies.


8. Little Miss Sunshine

It´s in the title: No. 5 of the feel good films rankings brings the sun into your living-room.


7. About a boy

Great movie based on a novel by cult author Nick Hornby…playboy Hugh Grant learns what`s really important in life.


6. Forrest Gump

Who hasn`t seen the movie about slightly dense Forrest Gump who looks back on his life. Funny, romantic, moving and heart-warming…what more do you want from feel good films?


5. Groundhog day

Simply cult. A grumpy reporter relives one day in backwater town Punxuatawney again and again. A nightmare at first, he gradually explores the potential of this life without consequences. Bill Murray is the perfect cast for the lead character Phil, his transformation very impressive. You got to have seen this one at least once, as it`s one of the top feel good movies for everyone I know.


4. The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain

This French flick was a worldwide surprise hit. Full of wonderful visual ideas and thoughts. Like a Carrebean vacation for eyes and soul. Let Audrey Tatou introduce you to her enchanting world!


3. Mamma Mia

The movie that features all the hits of Sweden`s superband ABBA. How would that not be one of the best feel good movies? All the songs are interepreted by the actors themselves, some have talent as a singer (Meryl Strepp), some don`t (Pierce Brosnan), but that doesn`t matter at all. It`s just great to listen to that great music again.

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2. She`s out of my league

Pretty old story: Loser meets dreamgirl, for some reason she goes out with him and they get together. But trouble occurs on the horizon.

Well, the story really is not that groundbreaking, but depictured in a very charming way and lots of humorous scenes. Last but not least there clearly couldn´t have been a better choice for the girl out of his league than Alice Eve. Her stunning appearance make this one runner-up of the top feel good movies of all times!


1. Bend it like Beckham

My number one among feel good films is about an Indian girl in London trying to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional football player against the will of her family. The main character Jesminder “Jess” Bhamra is outstandingly performed by the beautiful Parminder Nagra. And she is very well supported by Jonathan Rhys-Myers and Keira Knightley. The movie gives insight into the fascinating indian culture, offers a love story, deals with serious issues like race, has football scenes incl. David Beckham and a fantastic soundtrack. My heart skips a beat everytime I see this feel good movie.


Do you agree with my top 10 best feel good movies? If you can think of other movies for this ranking, feel free to share.








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