Best female soccer players ever

Exactly! Women can play soccer. Chauvinists might laugh snidely now but let me tell you as a fairly athletic and sportive man: During holidays in Italy I got -or rather had to – play against a girl from the national juniors team of the Netherlands. The 16 (!!!)-year old girl so wiped the floor with me, you wouldn`t believe it. She actually made me dizzy with her impressive ball control. That is why I`d rather not find out what the best female soccer players of all times would do to me.

Girl Soccer Players – The Ultimate Ranking


10. Kelly Smith

The top-striker was jointly responsible for the boom of womens soccer in England.


9. Alex Morgan

The lovely All American girl has what it takes to become a superstar, since not just her outward appearance is convincing. She`s also lightning fast and very dangerous. Future world female soccer player of the year!


8. Mia Hamm

Probably the most well-known womens soccer player overall. Megastar of the 90s.


7. Bettina Wegmann

German playmaker who led her squad to 2 world cup titles. Brillant tactician and one of the most creative and best female soccer players of all time.


6. Nadine Angerer

Best female goalkeeper in the world. Leading role in German squad on their way to many titles with lots of very strong saves.


5. Abby Wambach

The US striker shows irrepressile fighting spirit and impressive scoring. Famous for her headers and a huge role model for many girl soccer players.


4. Louisa Necib

The French girl`s ball control is simply stunning. Regarding technique she is probaby the second best female soccer player ever.


3. Lotta Schelin

The Swedish national squad is always the crowd`s favourite. What might be the reason for that? Well, I have an idea…
Anyway, among the great blond team Lotta Schelin always sticks out with her technique and coolness.


2. Marta

Quite in line with her male compatriots, Marta`s ball control and technique is nothing less than perfection. Due to the lack of big titles and some unsportive behaviour I don`t see her being the best among girl soccer players.


1. Birgit Prinz

The meanwhile resigned Prinz was the figurehead of womens soccer in Germany. Despite countless amazing performances and achievements she always tried to avoid the limelight and escape the mediahype. She just wanted to play soccer, nothing else. Of course it wasn`t possible to avoid interviews completely, but she always stressed that without her team she would be nothing. That made her very sympathetic because it was very kind to say so, since she very well stood out with her many many many deciding goals. The female pendant of striker legend Gerd Müller, a class act and the best female soccer player ever!


Do you agree with the ranking of the best female soccer players? If not, feel free to comment!



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