Best How I met your mother episodes ever

Despite the controversional ending, “How I met your mother” has been one of the best sitcoms of the last decade. The clever story construction and narrative perspectives made it stand out of the crowd. Enjoy the ten best how i met your mother episodes ever.

10. How I met everyone else (Season 3)

Very entertaining flashbacks about how the gang members got to know each other. And Barney introduces the hot/crazy scale. You gotta admit, as one of the best sitcom characters ever he has a point there.


9. Ducky tie (Season 7)

A bet between Barney and Marshall (+Lily)? We know that ought to be fun. This time Barney has to perform some pretty complicated chinese cooking to be allowed to see a little more of Lily than usual. Barney couldn´t possibly win this bet, he would have had to study that craft for months…and who would do that just for a short look?

So will Barney fail and be forced to wear a horrendous tie peppered with tiny ducks?


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8. Robin 101 (Season 5)

Barney is anxious to to mess up the relationship to Robin and turns to Ted, who in his own opinion is not just an excellent teacher but also an expert in “Robinology”. So he starts to lecture his friend about Robins very special behaviourisms and needs. Some hilarious secrets come to the surface about Robins erogenous zones and faces. But would Robin herself agree with Professor Dr. Mosby?


7. Of course (Season 5)

Sexy and successful writer Anita (guest star Jennifer Lopez) seduces Barney but won´t let him get too close, which drives him crazy. Then Ted realiszes that she is using the tactics from a very popular bestseller, turns out Barney and Anita did not meet by accident. Great story build-up, easily one of the best how i met your mother episodes ever.


6. The Bracket (Season 3)

Barney´s dating success is severly hurt, when a secret woman is sabotaging him by telling his targets the truth about him. He gets more slaps due to that than off the slap bet, so he decides to solve the riddle by organizing an NCAA Basketball Tournament-style bracket. Will he find the woman he hurt the most and is she the saboteur?


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5. Girls vs. Suits (Season 5)

The McLarens has a new hot barmaid. While Robin is envious, Barney tries to hook up with her. To his surprise his charme doesn´t work, the hot girl can´t stand men in suits. So he has to choose between her and his beloved gowns. In a hilarious musical number (best scene ever in any How I met your mother episode?) he explains his decision…


4. Game Night (Season 1)

Victoria joins a game night with the gang and an old tape of one of Barney´s ex-girlfriends turns it into a night of truth-revealing. Barney explains how he became what he is and for every little piece of his story demands honesty from the others, too. So Ted´s re-return and other funny stuff come up in a story that closely missed the podium of the best how i met your mother episodes ever.


3. Slap Bet (Season 2)

Hilarious episode that reveals Robin´s secret past as a Canadian popstar. Before the truth comes out, Barney and Marshall bet about what Robin is hiding. Barney of course tips on pornstar and receives his rightful punishment.

I personally can never get enough of that “Lets go to the mall” video clip with Robin Sparkles, amazing idea for the character!


2. Spoiler alert (Season 3)

A very talkative girlfriend of Ted leads to tension in the group, because he doesn´t seem to realize that annoying habit of hers. So the gang shatters his good impression of her…and start to point out their own flaws to each other, each time accompanied by a glass-shattering sound. I love this episode which consists mostly of fighting over who´s the most annoying.


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1. The Playbook (Season 5)

The number one “How I met your mother episode” of course has to be “The Playbook”. It reveals Barneys complete flirting arsenal, even Lily cannot stop him, when she takes the playbook away. It`s just hilarious what Barney is going through, just to date a girl…don`t miss the best of the best How i met your mother episodes ever!




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