Best James Bond Movies Ever

We all enjoy these films with the superagent ladiesman based on Ian Flemings novels. Right now we have 23 Bond movies and actor No. 6. For me personally Pierce Brosnan is THE Bond, but they all have there merits. Let`s see which are the best James Bond movies ever:

The Best James Bond Films – Ultimate 007 Movies Ranking


10. You only live twice (1967)

Sean Connery as Bond has to prevent a nuclear warfare that is forced by China and the criminal organization SPECTRE. Connery is as cool as ever and here we have one of the most beautiful Bond girls ever, Karin Dor.


9. The living daylights (1987)

Underrated Timothy Dalton in his first Bond adventure around KGB agents and opium deals.


8. The spy who loved me (1977)

This movie features Roger Morre as Bond, who is up against a German super villain that wants to destroy the whole human civilization from his futuristic sea residence “Atlantis”. The bad guy is helped by a very, very tall guy named “Jaws” (Richard Kiel). Entertaining stuff!


7. The world is not enough

After the kind of disappointing “Tomorrow never dies” Brosnan recovers with one of the best James Bond films ever.Here we have not one but two stunning Bond girls (Denise Richards and Sophie Marceau), exotic settings in Azerbaijan and Istanbul, a merciless and painfree villain plus all the Bond gadgets and humour. Nothing to complain about.


6. Skyfall

The blond Bond Daniel Craig also had to come back after a weaker movie and Skyfall certainly delivers. It`s a little different cause it shows weaknesses of aging 007 and focusses on Bond`s character and history more than ever before. The villain appears a little late, but is nervertheless a strong opponent, since he is fearsome and on par with Bond. The action is top-notch and the ending as spectacular as moving. Who would have thought: I like Daniel Craig Bond movies. Keep going, Daniel!


5. From Russia with love

Criminal organization SPECTRE wants to steal a Lektor cryptographic device and revenge for Bond killing their member Dr. No. Very straight forward action movie without too many jokes as it was usual for Roger Moore Bonds.


4. Goldfinger

Features the probably best bad guy in Bond movie history, the legendary dialogue “Do you expect me to talk? No Mr Bond, I expect you to sing”, a Bond girl killed by a golden coating. Pretty old but still very watchable.


3. License to kill

Unpopular Timothy Dalton delivers the toughest and one of the best James Bond movies ever. Hardly any gimmicks, humour or focus on a Bond girl. Just Bond on a personal vendetta after a friend of his is cruelly feeded to a shark. And here we have the -in my opinion- best Bond song ever!


2. Casino Royale

The choice of Daniel Craig for the new 007 movies triggered a public outrage. He is blond, a wimp etc…. Boy, did he prove us wrong. He starts with a relentless pursuit that would make a freeclimber go green with envy, spectacular stuff! And it goes on with Bond falling in love for the first time, lovely Eva Green is perfectly cast, too. Last but not least we have a very exciting high stakes poker game. So Craig is the first Bond actor to add actual acting abilities and character developement to the series. This isn`t essential for a Bond movie, but certainly a nice change.


1. Golden Eye

Pierce Brosnan`s fulminant debut is my number one pick among the best James Bond films ever! The first one I ever saw in a cinema and the opening sequence already blew me away, when Bond jumped from a cliff to board a pilot-less plane and escape Russian soldiers. And the movie keeps the pace with an ex-colleague as bad guy, fatal beauty Famke Janssen as killer amazon and an amazing final in a giant satellite dish in Cuba. Plus…a majority seems to see Sean Connery as THE James Bond. For me it`s Brosnan, he is just ultra-cool and the perfect cast.


Do you agree with the ranking of the best James Bond movies ever? Or should other 007 movies be top 10? Feel free to comment!





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