Best movie scores ever – Amazing movie music

Only with the right tones a movie scene can unfold it`s full potential. Many good pieces have been composed, but these are the best film scores of all time.

The following ranking is not about the best movie soundtracks ever, but about the best movie scores – the instrumental movie music. The symphonies of John Williams, Hans Zimmer & Co stay in our head long after the end credits and are ear candy even without the related pictures! I hope you enjoy it…

10. Back to the future by Alan Silvestri

The great trilogy with 80s hero Michael J. Fox never gets old…and neither does one of the best film scores ever!

Best song: Back to the future

9. Gladiator by Hans Zimmer & Gavin Greenaway

The best original score by Hans Zimmer, closely followed by “The Dark Knight”.

Best song: Now we are free

8. Braveheart by James Horner

Great score with Scottish influence. Who knew a bagpipe can sound that good?

Best song: A gift of a thistle

7. Indiana Jones by John Williams

The well-known trademark melody of Indy`s adventures must certainly be considered among the best movie scores of all time.

Best song: Finale & End credits

6. Lord of the Rings by Howard Shore

A very suttle and slow soundtrack, yet very powerful to match the amazing pictures. A masterpiece among fantasy movies and number 6 of the best original score ranking.

Best song: The breaking of the fellowship

5. Pirates of the Caribbean – The curse of the Black Pearl by Klaus Badelt

Everyone knows this wonderful piece of movie music. The main theme is still used in many trailers, TV shows, videos etc.

Best song: He`s a pirate

4. Harry Potter by John Williams

I don`t think it would have been possible to create better music for this movie. You can practically feel the magic flow through you when listening to it. Surely one of the best film scores ever!

Best song: Prologue

3. Requiem for a dream by Clint Mansell

Probably the most intense piece of movie music I have ever listened to…and that`s very fitting, considering how intense it feels to watch this shocking movie.

Best song: Lux Aeterna

2. Jurassic Park by John Williams

I thought about choosing this one as best original score ever, because it is just amazing and combined with movie probably the best mix. Listening to it, the magnitude of the movie pictures immediately come to mind, simply beautiful tunes. But if you leave out the movie quality, then there is one score that`s even better…

Best song: Theme from Jurassic Park

1. Transformers by Steve Jablonsky

Yes, the Transformers soundtrack is the best of the best film scores of all time! Unfortunately that movie doesn`t really deserve such extraordinary music. Don`t get me wrong, it`s an entertaining movie – but Steve Jablonsky`s work really should have accompanied an eternal masterpiece. However, the score upvalues the movie scenes a lot, so powerful and classy!

Best song: Arrival to Earth


Do you agree with this ranking of the best movie scores ever? Or should there any other soundtracks be listed?





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