Best Musicals Of All time – Top Broadway Shows

I was forced into my first musical, had no desire to see one at all. Stupid and boring, isn`t it? No, far from it! They are perfectly staged shows. After the final curtain I was the first one to hit the gift shop and purchase the album!Read about the popular musicals – the best musicals of all time.

10. Westside Story

In 1950`s New York two young people from antagonized gangs fall in love. Sound familar? Yes, it`s losely based on Shakespeare`s “Romeo and Juliet”. And one of the best broadway shows ever, although currently not playing.

Favourite songs:

  • Maria
  • A boy like that


9. A Chorus Line

The plot actually takes place at an audition for a musical and gives insight into the aspirants lifes and their path`s to become dancers. Very popular, long-running and successful Broadway show.

Favourite songs:

  • I can do that
  • One


8. We will rock you

Well…this one`s not a critics favourite but certainly an audience favourite and one of the popular musicals currently. The story really isn`t that intoxicating, but the Queen songs alone make “We will rock you” worth watching.

Favourite songs:

  • Under Pressure
  • We are the Champions


7. Starlight Express

Another hit from musical genius Andrew Lloyd Webber, just one more of the best musicals of all time. Seems to be too easy for him. In the story about a toy train springing to life in a child`s dream all the actors perform on roller skates throughout, which leads to spectacular stunts. The music is mostly disco and pop, perfect entertainment for the whole family. Major hit especially in Germany.

Favourite songs:

  • A Lotta locomotion
  • Light at the end of the tunnel


6. The Rocky Horror Show

The cult musical about a young couple unfortunately getting into the house of a mad transvestite, who created a monster called Rocky Horror has developed a huge following worldwide and also entailed the popular movie “The Rocky Horror picture show”.

Favourite songs:

  • Wedding song
  • Super Heroes


5. Hairspray

Young chubby teenager Tracy tries to get into the Corny Collins show. Very catchy 60`s music involved here, as well as social criticism of the 1960`s handling of race issues. Among the most popular musicals.

Favourite songs:

  • It takes two
  • You can`t stop the beat


4. Mamma Mia

The Mamma Mia musical about the Swedish super band ABBA is a huge hit worldwide. Like the movie adaption it brings back the many, many, many amazing ABBA songs packed into a romantic story on a Greek island, where young girl Sophie tries to find her father and what she wants in life. A must-see for ABBA fans!

Favourite songs:

  • Does your mother know
  • Our last summer


Best Musicals of All Time – The Podium

3. Phantom of the opera

Andrew Lloyd Webber`s adaption is easily the longest running of the best broadway shows (10.000th performance in 2012) and a 7-times Tony award winner. It revolves around a blemished phanton who haunts the Parisian opera and falls in love with beautiful opera singer Christine. One of the most famous and popular musicals ever.

Favourite songs:

  • The music of the night
  • The point of no return


2. The Lion King

The musical version of the best Disney movie ever was first staged at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis and shortly after that premiered in New York, ever since is one of the best broadway shows. It is currenty the highest grossing Broadway production ever (more than 1 billion$) and also snatched no less than 6 Tony awards in 1998. Clearly one of the best musicals of all time! Makes you feel like your on vacation in Africa.

Favourite songs:

  • Hakuna Matata
  • Can you feel the love tonight


1. Grease

The first musical I ever saw is one of the most popular musicals of all time. I was visiting London as a kid and my parents dragged me into it although I was extremely reluctant. But what can I say, as soon as the Overture started I was blown away. The musical premiered on Broadway in 1972 successfully with 7 Tony award nominations. The popular movie adaption with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John then ignited a downright Grease-mania. The story around Danny`s and Sandy`s summer love is very charming and the music is simply amazing. So give it a try, I swear you won`t regret.

Favourite songs:

  • Summer Nights
  • Greased Lighnin`


I hope you enjoyed the ranking of the best musicals of all time. If you have some thoughts on that, feel free to leave a comment.





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