Best Salsa songs ever – Good salsa music for dancing

Dancing is pure fun. And it`s even better with good salsa music. Try these ten best salsa songs ever and enjoy your time on the dancefloor!

10. Yo No Se Manana – Luis Enrique

Won the Latin Grammy award for Best tropical song and therefore does very well belong into the ranking of the best salsa music.

Yo no se mañana, yo no se mañana
si estaremos juntos si se acaba el mundo
yo no se si soy para ti si serás para mi
si lleguemos amarnos o a odiarnos
yo no se mañana, yo no se mañana
quien va estar aquí


9. El sol de la Noche – Salsa Celtica

This Scottish band mixes salsa music elements with traditional Scottish instruments, which turns out to be very easy on the ears.

“Dime princesa, en soledad
Pa’ donde vas, que pérdida
¿Ay que te pasa?, dímelo
Abre tu corazón, como no”


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8. Que Suen Los Tambores – Victor Manuelle

The latest smash hit by the Latin superstar – released in 2015 and his best salsa music song.

“Que suenen suenen suenen los tambores oye!!
que cuando suenen se curen el alma y los corazones
que suenen suenen suenen los tambores oye!!
ay que traigan alegría y se lleven los dolores”


7. Cali Pachanguero – Grupo Niche

Up tempo song and break-through hit in 1984 for this famous Columbian band. Dedicated to the “World Capital of Salsa” – Santiago de Cali.

“Es por eso que espero que los dias que lejos
Cuando dure mi ausencia sabes bien que me muero
Todos los caminos conducen a ti
Si supieras la pena que un dia senti
Cuando en frente de mi tus montañas no vi”


6. Cheap Thrills – Sia

You probably wouldn`t expect this one in a ranking of good salsa music. But you should try it, works very well with the Salsa rhythm and is additionally very uplifting.

“Baby, I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight
I love cheap thrills!
Baby, I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight
I love cheap thrills!”


5. Turn me on – Fuego feat. Kevin Lyttle

The remix of Kevin Lyttle`s hit is an amzing piece of the best salsa music. Very energetic song!

Y quiero volver a amarte yo
(Turn me on, turn me on)
Ya no puedo dejar escaparte NO debo de pensarte
(Turn me on, turn me on)


4. Corazon Espinado – Santana

Guitar hero Santana with an amazing world-wide smash hit and surely one of the best salsa songs ever! From the great “Supernatural” album (released 1999) and of course awarded with a Latin Grammy for best album.

“Aah aah ¡ay! Corazón espinado.
¡Cómo duele, me duele mamá!
Aah aah ¡ay! Cómo me duele el amor.
¡Cómo duele! Cómo duele el corazón
cuando uno es bien entregado
pero no olvides mujer, que algún día dirás
¡Ay! ¡ay! ¡ay! Cómo me duele el amor.”


3. Uptown Funk Salsa Remix – DJ Yoyo Sanchez

Great remix of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars` smash single. It`s so much fun to dance salso with this beats. Should be played more often at parties!

“Cause Uptown Funk gon’ give it to you
‘Cause Uptown Funk gon’ give it to you
Saturday night, and we in the spot
Don’t believe me, just watch, come on!”


2. Vivir mi mida – Marc Anthony

Of couse Latin music king Marc Anthony provides one of the best salsa songs of all time. He`s got even more (e.g. I need to know), but this one is certainly my favourite!

“Voy a reír, voy a bailar
Vivir mi vida la la la la
Voy a reír, voy a gozar
Vivir mi vida la la la la


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1. Bailando – Enrique Iglesias feat. Sean Paul

The first place was never in doubt. Enrique Iglesias can do more than just romantic pop songs. He comes up with nothing less than the best salsa music song of all time. Hearing this song at a party, you just have to jump on the dancefloor and enjoy this perfect song!

“(Bailando, bailando, bailando, bailando)
Tu cuerpo y el mío llenando el vacío
Subiendo y bajando (subiendo y bajando)
(Bailando, bailando, bailando, bailando)
Ese fuego por dentro me está enloqueciendo
Me va saturando”


Do you agree with the ranking of the best salsa songs ever? Or is there any other piece of good salsa music that you`d suggest for this ranking?




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