Best Superhero Movies Ever – The Top Ten List

Comic book movies might not be the most sophisticated form of entertainment among the various movie genres. But they awake the inner child in all of us, when we watch them unleash their super powers to beat up the bad guys and save the planet. Additionally, apart from obviously being unrealistic, they have changed in recent years. Its no longer men running around in embarassing costumes, good superhero movies feature intruiging stories, spectacular fighting scenes with state of the art special effects, actual character developement and last but not least most of them are funnier than lots of comedies. So check out the best superhero movies ever.

Top 10 Superhero Movies – The Ultimate Ranking



10. He-Man – Masters of the Universe (Sue me…I liked it!)

This movie is based on the popular toy-line from Mattel and features He-Man trying to save the magical land of Eternia and the Earth from Skeletor. Therefore he has to free the sorceress of Grayskull, who has been kidnapped. But Skeletors numerous henchmen are too much to handle. So he and his friends have to flee to another dimension…and land on Earth, where the meet a young woman (very young Courtney Cox long before she hit it off with “Friends”) that helps them to find a cosmic key that gets them back to Eternia.

I know this is no cinematographic masterpiece. But I liked the He-Man comics as a kid and think, Dolph Lundgren was the perfect choice for the lead role and the supporting cast is also very charming. Has its weaknesses, but pure popcorn entertainment for a rainy Sunday afternoon. So for me personally it is among the best comic book movies surely.

By the power of Grayskull !!!


9. Thor

The Nordic God is banned from Asgard after almost setting off a war against Jotunheim. Stranded on Earth without his powers and unable to lift his hammer, he struggles to adapt to human conventions, but at least can bond with the hot female scientist (Natalie Portman) who is conveniently working in the desert of New Mexico. Meanwhile his brother Loki follows his own plans in Asgard. Will Thor be able to stop him?


8. X-men 2

The X-men never really were among my favourite superheroes. There several powers seemed so random and unbalanced to me. One can control minds with some psychic skills, another one can`t touch people. Just didn`t make sense to me. However, while I still feel this way, I have to admit that X2 is a very entertaining movie and the sequels are very good superhero movies as well. It starts with a spectacular scene in the White House, where the mutant Nightcrawler very narrowly fails to kill the US president. This sets off a rollercoaster ride for our mutant heroes, because their rights and acceptation by humans is now endangered. They have to cope with General Stryker, who plans to terminate all mutants on earth and needs Professor Xaviers mental powers to succeed. Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey & Co set off to


7. Spider-Man

This hero movie from 2002 was the first high-budget movie in this genre and because of the immense success was followed by a wave of really good superhero movies. The audience worldwide was blown away, when for the first time ever Spider-Man was jumping and flying around on the big screen in brillant pictures. An entertaining origins story, a beautiful love-interest, deep story, scary villain and fantastic action sequences. What more do you want?


6. Sin City

Never before has a comic book been depicted on the silver screen in such a uniquely stunning way. The movie features three story arcs from Frank Millers comics, all taking place in Basin City with a lot of violence. Aging cop Harrigan is trying to protect a girl from a disgusting psychopath, that is unfortunately the son of a powerful senator. After years of successful hiding, Harrigan unintentionally leads the bastard to the now grown-up woman (ultra hot Jessica Alba in her sexiest role) and thats when things get messy.

All stories are well told and knitted, visually pleasing and emotionally captivating, you keep your fingers crossed for the good guys and girls to survive this hell, but can never be sure. The most unique and of course one of the best superhero movies ever!


5. Guardians of the Galaxy

Kind of a surprise, what a huge success this Marvel movie has enjoyed. But its well deserved, because Star Lord (Hollywoods new top star Chris Pratt) and his wild crew deliver everything you want from a hero movie. I`d recommend you to check it out yourself, before I tell too much. Story, humor, characters, music, everything is just right. So clearly among the top 10 superhero movies of all time.


4. Iron Man

This superhero film re-started the hype of comic book adaptations, thanks to the brilliant performance of Robert Downey Jr. as playboy/billionaire/genius Tony Stark. One day the head of Stark Industries -biggest arms supplier of the US government- is being kidnapped by terrorists, locked-up in a cave and forced to build a devastating weapon. But instead of obeying, Tony decides to secretly build an armour with the provided components, to get himself out of there. Right on time Tony is able to finish his work and shoot himself into freedom with his iron suit. While his armour doesn`t survive the fight, the idea is stuck in Tony`s head and back home he brings the famous red-golden suit to perfection. Unfortunately this powerful piece of weaponry also attracts the wrong crowd…


3. The Return of the First Avenger

While the Captain still has trouble adapting to the 21st century, a conspiracy within S.H.I.E.L.D.S. is threatening the world and as if that weren`t enough already, Steve Rogers`old buddy James “Bucky” Barnes returns as super villain with enhanced fighting skills.
I never really liked Captain America, always thought he was the most boring one among the Avengers. So it came as a big surprise to me, that this turned out to be the best stand alone Marvel movie. It almost feels like a well-written and complex thriller with some comic elements, very unusual for the genre of comicbook movies. Highly recommended to watch this one!

2. The Dark Knight

A long time ago Batman walked through the picture in embarassing tights and instead of fighting scenes speech bubbles with “Boom”, “Zack” or “Bang” occured. A little less time ago, director Tim Burton created a brightly-coloured Gotham City that couldn`t be looked at without sun-glasses. The dark super hero could not be taken serious at that time. Finally Christopher Nolan took command and revived the franchise. In “Batman Begins” he gave Gotham a very dark look and was dead right to do so. With the sequel “The Dark Knight” he then created a masterpiece. Bruce Wayne`s alter ego has to deal with a scary good Heath Ledger as the Joker, who terrifies even the cruel crime bosses. The combination of great story telling, visually pleasing look and stunning action sequences is unbeatable. Wayne`s self-doubt about his double life, his love for the district attorney, the metamorphosis of Harvey Dent, the motives of the Joker, it`s all interlaced in a spectacular firework of action. You have got to see this!


1. The Avengers

Marvels superheroes finally united against evil and its about time, because aliens are about to invade earth with the help of Thor`s evil brother Loki. So Nick Fury calls them all together, but it not that easy to make the different characters get along. There is a lot of tension in the group, lighted by Loki`s forked tongue, and his evil plan seems to work out. Will the Avengers join forces in time?

The ultimate blockbuster among the top superhero movies. Funny one-liners, endless action, the greatest team of heroes ever up against a charismatic super-villain. “Must watch” for nerds and everybody else!!!


Do you agree with my number one pick of the best superhero movies? Or is there any hero movie missing?



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