Best Thriller Movies Ever – The Ultimate Top 10

Clever story and high tension guaranteed with the best thriller movies ever. Find out about the Top 10 thrillers of all time!

Best Thrillers Ever – The Ultimate Top 10 Ranking


15. The Bourne Identity

Jason Bourne is fished out of the ocean with gun shot wounds. As if that wouldn`t be enough, he also suffers from amnesia. He neither remembers his name nor how he was shot. But at least he discovers some quite helpful talents, like serious combat skills and a razor-sharp mind. So the modern James Bond sets off to find out who he is.


14. Butterfly Effect

Great example for how good thriller movies should be. The Butterfly Effect suggests that small incidents or changes can have a major impact in other parts of the world or in this case another time. In this film Ashton Kutcher finds out how to travel back in time with the help of his diary. So he tries to change what went wrong in the lifes of him and his beloved ones. But everytime he does that, it doesn`t just solve problems but always has a horrible impact on other persons. Very interesting developments here…



The grotesc thriller hit of the Coen brothers depicts some bloody events in Minneapolis. Very odd characters and amazing winter landscapes…no wonder that Fargo has made it to TV these days.


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12. Mission Impossible 4

The fourt adventure of MIF agent Ethan Hunt is an entertaining rollercoaster ride with spectacular scenes and a very scary antagonist who always seems to be one step ahead. Surely this time it really is an impossible mission. Find out by watching one of the best thriller movies of all time.

11. Identity

A group of very different people are stranded together at night in a motel complex and some bloody incidents decrease their number at an alarming rate. Don`t read anything else before you watch it, just let this clever story develop and watch in awe what is behind the murders.


10. The Departed

The one and only Academy Award for Martin Scorsese came with this movie. And rightly so, because this has to be regarded as one of the best thrillers ever. Set in Boston, the Mafia infiltrates the Police department, but so does the PD with the Mafia. At one point both moles (Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon) discover this fact and know that their cover and therefore their lifes are in severe danger. Who reacts faster and smarter to survive this?


9. The Game

The life of a well-off wallstreet broker goes to pieces within a couple of hours and he can`t do anything about it. Ingenious and surprising highway to hell with Michael Douglas. best thrillers


8. Heat

Virtuoso heist thriller penned by Michael Mann. The protagonist`s duel (Robert De Niro and Al Pacino) is masterfully staged.


7. Seven

Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman up against a serial killer who punishes the seven capital sins with cruel murders. top thrillers


6. Cube

This surprise hit starts with a group of people finding themselves trapped in a cubicle without knowing how they got there. best thrillers


5. L.A. Confidential

Very intriguing and complex story around some L.A. cops, one of my favourites among all the good thriller movies. A line-up of superstars like Russel Crowe, Kevin Spacey, Guy Pearce and of course the comeback of the beautiful Kim Basinger…try it!


4. Lucky Number Slevin

I shouldn`t say too much about this movie, better decode the intricate story yourself. But let`s say this much: Who engages with this movie -which in Germany incompehensively did not appear in cinemas- is rewarded with wonderfully brillant dialogues, Josh hartnett wearing nothing but a towel most of the time and one twist after another; star ensemble also included. Absolute insider tip! top thrillers


3. Mission Impossible

A team of perfectly trained  top agents is in Prague to secure a highly explosive disk. This goes terribly wrong, everyone dies except Ethan Hunt. The prime suspect has to flee and find the true culprit. In order to do so he has to break into CIA headquarters in Langley…as the title suggests an impossible mission.  But if anyone can do it, it`s probably Ethan Hunt. Whatever you think about Tom Cruise, he`s doing a great job as IMF-agent and doesn`t have to hide behind James Bond. The famous theme melody makes it round.


2. Prisoners

After Thanksgiving diner of two befriended families, their young daughters disappear while playing outside. A nightmare for parents and of course they almost loose their mind while trying to find out what happens. One father can`t stop himself from investigating the case on his own. I have hardly ever watched a more intense movie. The atmosphere is so oppresive and the story is narrated quite slowly. But you don`t get bored even for a second. And that is to a large extend due to the fantastic acting performances of Hugh Jackman and Jack Gyllenhall. My no. 2 pick in the ranking of the best thrillers ever.


1. The silence of the lambs

Who doesn`t know him? Hannibal Lecter must be the most famous psychopath in movie history. Although he is behind bars most of the time, his scenes where just a small piece of iron seperate him from FBI agent Clarice Starling prickle the most. Even more than the ones with the free lunatic. Not for the faint-hearted. best thriller movies


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