Top 10 Best action movies ever
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Best action movies ever

Turn of your brains and stop thinking. Just enjoy the explosions, crashes and bullets flying around. the following top 10 best action movies ever will give you exactly that.

best adventure movie ever
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Best adventure movies ever

Brave people on dangerous trips including dangerous creatures, fighting, riddling and running – might be the most entertaining of all genres. The best adventure movies to watch…

best actor ever
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The best actors ever

A movie can only be as good as their leading actors performances. This is the ranking of actors that deliver stunning performances on a regular basis:

best bond movie ever
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Best James Bond Movies Ever

We all enjoy these films with the superagent ladiesman based on Ian Flemings novels. Right now we have 23 Bond movies and actor No. 6. For me personally Pierce Brosnan is THE Bond, but they […]