The coolest computer game ever

I sometimes like to relax by playing a game, and here are my favourite computer games, they never get boring.

10. The Sims – Deluxe Edition

The classic real life simulation. The Sims once started with building your own house and has gone a long way since…


9. Metal Gear Solid HD collection

Amazing spy action that makes you feel like you`re in the middle and gives you lots of riddles to solve.


8. Top Spin 4

I love tennis and of course like to play it on the consoles. Top spin is the best, most realistic tennis  simulation.


7. Battlefield

Ego-Shooter that tranports you on a battlefield to experience war first hand as a soldier, paramedic or sharpshooter for example.


6. Final Fantasy

The most famous roleplay game that lets you dip into a fantastic and bewitching world full of fascinating creatures.


5. Tomb Raider

The hottest electronic girl ever, Lara Croft, has reached cult status and it`s of course fun to lead her through adventures.


4. Command & Conquer

Great strategic battle simulation that was developed in the 90s and steadily improved with every version. You command an army an win the war for your country.


3. Pro Evolution Soccer

Oh, how many hours have I spend replaying world cups, european cups or other tournaments with my friends. The gameplay is so realistic, much better than in the FIFA series, so the missing licenses don`t really hurt.


2. Assasins Creed

You get beamed into the time of the crusades and play the assasin Altair.


1. Grand Theft Auto

The most popular and best computer game ever makes you show your criminal skills, cause you have lots of tasks to fulfil in L.A. Amazing gameplay.


The coolest computer game ever
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