Cult TV – The Top 10 Best Classic TV Shows

TV has changed these days, the great TV shows all must have very complex, ambigious characters, intriguing writing and shocking cliffhangers. But there were simpler times. The 20th century gave us some of the best classiv TV shows ever, although they weren`t all that complex…they were just charming. Read about my favourite old TV shows…

The Ultimate Cult TV Show Ranking


10. Parker Lewis Can`t Lose

Corin Nemec as Parker Lloyd Lewis is the coolest kid in high school and has to deal with strict teachers, mean Principal Grace Musso, his annoying little sister, huge bullies and girlfriends. While doing this, he always tries to maintain his coolness.
This show has a very unique style, which was pretty much ahead of it`s time in the 90s. We often get to hear Parkers clever and witty thoughts and lots of high school stereotypes are depicted very much over the top, which is lots of fun. This is still a very watchable show despite its age..definitely worth a try!


9. Beverly Hills 90210

The 90s smash hit about a bunch of handsome teenagers growing up and coming of age in L.A.s upper class was a huge success and made Jason Priestley and Luke Perry become every teenage girls dream. Lots of love trouble, high-school problems, building fancy careers, money-issues set in noble buildings and locations. What`s not to watch? Certainly one of the best cult TV shows of all time!


8. Baywatch

The 90s smash hit features lots of well-shaped people in red bathing suits and shorts. Watch how David Hasselhoff aka Mitch Buchanan and his heroic lifeguard squad protect the beach visitors from villains, fire, sharks etc. Well, to be honest…all these stories were merely accessory parts. EVERYONE tuned in for the beautyful people running among the beach in slow motion! The defintion of cult TV show!


7. I dream of Jeannie

Who wasn`t in love with Barbara Eden as the enchanting blond Genie in the 60s sitcom? And who wouldn`t have wanted such a gold-green bottle of his own? The audience enjoyed it tremendeously to watch Jeannie swirling up the life of US astronaut Tony Nelson (Dallas star Larry Hagman) and wondering if they will eventually get each other. Among the very old TV shows, but still worth watching, some light entertainment.


6. MacGyver

The man that could take down an army with nothing more than a ball-pen and some wire. Very 80s, but still a very charming main character that always did the right thing. Actually pretty similar story-lines to the winner of this ranking of best cult TV shows ever – just that here we have a one-man-show. McGyver always is in deep trouble during the last part of an eisode and manages to get out of it with very scarce equipment that he finds on the floor or in an old cupboard. However, it`s fun to watch.


5. Charlies Angels

No, the movie with Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore wasn`t there first! It was one of the old tv shows in the 70s, which was an absolute smash hit. Not really surprising if you consider that it revolved around a wealthy man that ran a detective agency and only hired the most beautiful women for that. And of course Bosley, the funny sidekick that he needed to communicate with the ladies, since he never showed his face.


4. Magnum

The coolest moustache ever, attached to chick magnet Tom Selleck as Privat investigator, solving cases on Hawaii. There you go…all the ingredients for a cult TV show.


3. Knight Rider

David Hasselhoff in another classic and this time even better, because his companion is the coolest car ever: The black Trans-Am…Knights Industrie Two Thousand, or as everyone knows it: K.I.T.T. Together they work for the foundation for law and government and solve numerous crimes, catch many villains and make the USA a better place. Which kid watching this show has not dreamed of driving that black Trans-Am one day? It was just so cool and that`s why people tuned in. My no. 3 of the best classic TV shows ever!


2. Dallas

The soap opera about the intrigues and doings of the Ewing clan on Southfork ranch was simply Must See TV in the 80s. Everyone was talking about Bobby Ewings evil plans revealed in the last episode or what Miss Ellie was up to. For many this one is probaly THE cult TV show…for me there is one even better…


1. A-Team

I just recently saw that one episode of the best of all Cult TV shows, where an innocent older man is threatened by a gang of bad guys and gets beaten up badly because he wouldn`t do what they say. His daughter alarms the A-Team and Hannibal makes contact in a weird masquerade to make sure, they can trust her. Turns out they can, so he introduces the hot daughter to the rest of the team and Face immediately hits on her. Unfortunately the bad guys are in another state, so they have to drug B.A. to be able to fly over there. After he wakes up, he is mad and threatens to beat up Murdoch, but Hannibal can calm him down. So finally they track down the group of villains and make clear that you shouldn`t mess with the A-Team. The henchmen are intimidated at first, but after the bad boss speaks up, they are able to catch the A-Team by foul play and pure luck. So the situation doesn`t look good, because the Team is locked up in an old garage and Colonel Decker is on his way to imprison them, too. Luckily, Hannibal comes up with a plan (and he loves it when a plan comes together!) than includes using the stuff inside the garage as weapons (McGyver, anyone?). They manage to free themselves and attack the bad guys. Despite a million shots being fired off, nobody is being hurt by gun-fire and the A-Team beats-up their opponents into unconsciousness. By a hair`s breadth they escape Colonel Decker and his troops, but conveniently they can arrest the villain gang. In the end, the A-Team celebrates with the innocent old man and Face makes out with his daughter, which the father doens´t mind. Great episode, can you guess which one I am talking about?


So what do you think? Do you agree with my ranking of the top 10 best classic TV shows? Or can you recall any other old tv shows that should be in the ranking?









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