The funniest Chuck Norris fact

Chuck Norris is a hero, the coolest guy ever! Learn about is most impressive features:

10. Chuck Norris was to star in Mission:Impossible but they recasted because they would’ve had to change the name of the movie to Mission: Accomplished


9. Water needs safety arm bands when swimming with Chuck Norris.


8. Chuck Norris blows out trick candles.


7. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones was trying to escape from a giant rolling rock. They were both trying to escape from Chuck Norris.


6. Chuck Norris was on the show ‘Survivor’ once. They mode a movie about it. That movie was called “Predator”.


5. Micheal Phelps trains with Chuck Norris swimming behind him.


4. Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicked the earth a billion years ago, its still spinning.


3. Chuck Norris doesn’t get in trouble, trouble gets in Chuck Norris.


2. Chuck Norris made Clint Eastwood’s day.


1. Chuck has Windows 7 on his GBA.


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