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What could be nicer than man and woman cutting a rug? Nothing! But which dancing steps are the most fun? Incl. videos with dance impressions:

I have taken many dance lessons in my life and I can only recommend that you also learn to dance. Because dancing is one of the most amazing ways of spending your free time. There is a broad selection of social dances out there, so here comes my ranking of the most beautiful dances that hopefully will help you to choose, which dance classes are the right ones for you.

10. Merengue

In this Dominican dance, partners hold each other very close most of the time. The music is mostly upbeat and fast, but the movements of the upper body are rather slow and magestic, as well as the turns. Watch the video to see the merengue dance steps.
Merengue Dance Lessons – Learn To Dance Merengue, Beginning & Intermediate Latin Dancing: A Step-By-Step Guide To Merengue Dancing


9. Swing dance

There are several dance styles that can be assigned to Swing dancing, like Lindy Hop, Charleston and West Coast Swing. These are all popular social dances and you`ll certainly find parties in your area, where you could dance to them.
Learn To Dance Swing, Beginners Vol.1 – A Beginners Swing Dancing Guide to East Coast and City Swing


8. Lambada

Just watch the video of Kaoma`s superhit from 1989 and you know why Lambada is hot. In the lambada dance men usually where long trousers, while women are dancing in pretty short skirts. Don`t ask me why, it`s the tradition! So come one! Time to take some dance lessons!
Watch “The Forbidden Dance is Lambada” on Amazon


7. Waltz

The most classy and noble dance I have ever executed. You simply feel like an aristocrat turning slowly and elegant around the dance floor to the beautiful music. Try it!!!!!!!! Two versions have established themselves in ballroom dancing throughout the years, the fast one is the vienesse waltz, the other one is called slow waltz.  If you plan to attend the Vienna opera ball someday, you should learn to dance to the vienesse waltz, because that one is of course the choice in Austria`s capital. If you like the beautiful waltz music, I can recommend the 100 Must-Have Waltz & Dance Classics
Or if you`d like to learn to dance the vienesse waltz: Waltz 101 DVD


6. Rock`n Roll

A very fast and athletic dance. Physically demanding, but so much fun! A lot of leg kicking is involved and even lifts are not uncommon. There`s a lot of room for personal expression and I just love this kind of rock`n roll music!


5. Mambo

We all remember Lou Bega`s summer hit Mambo Nr. 5. And the dirty dance in “Dirty Dancing” was in fact the Mambo dance. Very hot! Today it`s also known as “Salsa on 2” and has many similarities with the salsa. Try it and learn to dance the mambo, it`s worth it!


4. Rhumba

The rhumba dance is one of the most romantic dances out there, the dancing partners are very close all the time and have a deep connection during the dance. It`s one of the five latin dances in international ball room dancing competitions, among the pasodoble, samba, jive and cha cha cha. The rhumba dance is the slowest of them. The steps are made in a box with a slow-quick-quick pattern. Check out the video, too. The lovely Nicole Scherzinger and professional dancer Derek Hough perform the mosting amazing rhumba ever seen on “Dancing with the stars”! If you like rhumba music: Listen to Rhumba music on Amazon


3. Tango

Very popular partner dance from Argentinia with very close embracing of dance partners. I highly suggest to try to learn to dance the Argentine tango. Not only is it a beautiful dance, there is also scientific evidence that Tango dancing benefits your health! It`s a physical exercise and also a great social experience. The spirituality and cognition also profit, as well as the emotional health. So get started and soon you`ll be able to attend milongas, the parties where the Argentine tango is celebrated. They can be found in all areas of the world.
The Tango Fundamentals: Volume One – Basic Elements


2. Salsa

There are a lot of different Salsa styles out there, like New York style or Cuban. But they all allow men to twist and turn their dance partner around performing wonderful turns and hip swivels. It`s very energetic, fast and furious, but at the same time very sexy. There should be salsa dance classes somewhere in your area. Otherwise you can also choose salsa lessons on DVD. You will learn to dance the basics pretty well and then try them at the parties.
Salsa Dance DVD Video SalsaCrazy Series, Volume 1 – Salsa Dancing Guide for Beginners – Step by Step Dance Club Lesson


1. Bachata

Dancing Bachata you get very close to your dance partner, since thighs are kind of entangled. Definitely the hottest dance ever! And it also feature the most amazing music you could possibly dream of dancing to. Ever since I was introduced to bachata dancing, I listen to the music all the time. Check out my posting of the ten best bachata songs of all times!  Check out the video for the bachata dance steps. It`s not that hard to learn bachata. The basic step and a few turns can be taught in a few hours. If you`d like to know how to dance bachata really good, you can take dance classes or teach yourself.
Learn To Dance Bachata, Bachata Dance Mastery System, 3 DVD Set: A Step-By-Step Guide To Bachata Dancing


Well, I hope you like my ranking of the most beautiful dances and have been motivated to learn to dance at least one of them. So go out and attend dance classes or take dance lessons online and via DVD. It`s not that hard to learn and you`ll have so much fun with social dancing. I highly recommend bachata dancing, but the other ones are great, too!













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