The noblest make of cars

The car you are driving might be the most important status symbol one can have, especially for male humans it seems to be enormously important to ride a cool car. Let`s see which make of cars you should choose:

10. BMW

The Germans are pretty good at making cars.


9. Aston Martin


8. Chevrolet


7. Porsche


6. Lamborghini

Well…the Italians sure as hell know how two build luxury cars, as you will notice later in the ranking. Lamborghinis are just beautiful automobiles with a focus on speed and style.


5. Bentley

Another very noble luxury automaker from Britain. Used to be part of Rolls-Royce, now its a Volkswagen subsidiary.


4. Mercedes

Again the Germans with their biggest export hit. Mercedes-Benz is luxury, safety, quality, status and lifestyle in one. Not as expensive as the following noble makes of cars, but you can`t go wrong with a Mercedes.


3. Maserati

Very exclusive and very high-priced Italian brand with a strong focus on style.


2. Jaguar

The noble British brand from Coventry used to feature an iconic leaping Jaguar on every radiator bonnet. That has been banned for safety reasons meanwhile, but Jaguar remains one of the big players on the upscale car market.


1. Ferrari

The sports car manufacturers from Maranello are definitely no. 1 of the noblest makes of cars. Maybe not right now in Formula One, where they have been racing successfully for decades, but in terms of luxury, wealth and aura connected to Ferrari, they are seconf to none.

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