The most prestigious universities

Choosing the right university for yourself is one of the major decisions in life. Attending one of the following universities can`t be wrong since they are the most prestigious and well-respected:


10. Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster

I have to insert the public German university in Münster, since I studied here and the city is beatiful (voted most livable city in the world 2003!). The universities administration is actually located in a castle, very nice feat! About 41,000 students attend the University of Münster (Website:


9. Imperial College, London

The motto of the public research university is “Knowledge is the adornment and protection of the Empire”. The Imperial college is constantly ranked among the top universities worldwide. Its main campus is located in South Kensington, Central London but also has several campuses all over London for round about 14,000 students. It offers degress in the fields of business, medicince, science and engineering (Website:


8. University of California, L.A.

The UCLA (Motto: “Let there be light”) is certainly one of the best places on earth to study, since it does not only offer a wide range of degrees and has a very good reputation. No, it also offers a brillant lifestyle in L.A. And lets be honest, you don`t just wanna spend your time in libraries while studying. Enjoying life is also important and California`s beaches certainly count for a nice balance (Website:


7. Yale

The private research university, member of the prestigious Ivy League, is located in New Heaven, Conneticut. Among other feats it offers the third-largest library in all of the United States with more than 15 million volumes. No less than 5 former U.S. presidents graduated from Yale (Website:

Yale university
Yale Environmental Science Center“. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

6. Princeton

The next private Ivy League research university, located in Princeton, New Jersey. Measured by endowment per student it`s the wealthiest school in the world (Website:

5. Stanford

Stanford university from Silicon Valley, Palo Alto is well-known for it`s wide range of varsity sports and one of the largest campuses of the U.S. Stanford also produced a huge amount of nobel price winners, billionaires, astronauts and congress members. So certainly the right choice for you if you plan to have that sort of ambitious career (Website:

4. Berkeley

The other UC in California is even more prestigious and offers about 350 degrees in various fields. Berkeley has produced a tremendeous amount of nobel-prize winners, discoverers of chemical elements (16). The very prominent director of the Manhattan project, Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, also graduated from Berkeley (Website:

3. Cambridge

The University of Cambridge resides in Cambridge, England and was actually formed by scholars from Oxford university after a dispute with townfolk. It`s very high reputation is known worldwide and the school is regularly ranked among the top universities. So attending Cambridge cannot be wrong. Though I personally feel like Cambridge will always be kind of the “little brother” of the following prestigious university…(Website:

2. Oxford

The oldest university in the english-speaking world is one of the two “ancient universities” and therefore together with Cambridge is often referres to as “Oxbridge”. There is no main campus, the locations are spread all over the city of Oxford. It holds the largest university press worldwide and produced no less than 26 Britisch Prime ministers, including David Cameron (Website:

1. Harvard

Now here we have the most prestigious university of all without a doubt. Harvard drips of prestige and reputation and the about 21,000 students should thank God for being allowed to attend this school, since an extraordinary career seems guaranteed. The Ivy League university is located in Cambridge near Boston, Massachusetts. The undergraduate program focuses on arts and science, the graduate programs offer more variety. Among Harvard attendants are eight former U.S. presidents. The influence of this university can not be stressed enough, and studying there must be heaven (Website:

Harvard university

Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard University, Cambridge MA” by John PhelanOwn work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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