Best science fiction movies ever

Not just for nerds. Science fiction movies make us immerse in fantastic worlds and provide unforgettable pictures. Find out about the top sci fi movies of all time!

Best Sci Fi Movies – The Top 10 Science Fiction Films



Giant toy cars from outa space arrive on earth to find a powerful energy source that could destroy earth. The good ones team up with a human teenager, who`s grandpa found that source once. That`s the beginning of a huge robo death match between the decepticons and autobots, an immense action carnage with no room for clever story. But if you can turn off your brain, its very enjoyable, since the special effects are brillant and Megan Fox is so easy on the eyes that it makes up for any plothole! Plus: The movie score is nothing less than sensational, more pleasing to the ears than fox to the eyes!


14. E.T.

Typical Spielberg masterpiece, who just knows how to produce family blockbusters. This time he is going for the genre of science fiction movies. How could anyone not keep all his fingers crossed for the cute alien E.T. to find his way home?


13. The Matrix

One of the most popular science fiction movies ever, starring Keanu Reeves as Neo. The computer programmer learns that their reality is not real but just kind of a dream, while really the machines control the human bodies. Neo learns that he is the Chosen One to lead the rebellion. Buckle up for the coolest and smoothest fighting scenes of the 90s. Welcome to the Matrix!


12. Star Wars Rogue One

This Star Wars movie takes place shorty before the Original Star Wars movie is set. It tells the story of some rebels trying to steal the plans for the Death Star. It certainly has a different tone than the other Star Wars movies but I liked it like that. One of the top sci fi movies for sure.


11. Starship Troopers

Earth is at war with a far away planet, inhabited by giant bugs. Sounds pretty stupid…but it isn`t. According to the director this is supposed to be a satire on facism and militarization. Well, that remains to be seen, but a highly entertaining flick in the genre of science fiction movies it is without question. The fighting scenes in outer space or on the bug-planet alone are woth watching. As a spectator you are jolly glad the millions of agressive insects attack the on-screen-heroes and not oneself.


10. Stark Trek: First Contact

Captain Picard`s squad has to save the earth from the the evil Borg that once again want to assimilate the whole planet. The enemy and therefore the threat couldn`t have been better-chosen, comedy elements are also provided again by android Data. The action scenes are awesome, as well as dialogues and stories (as we are accustomed to with Picard & Co). For me personally the best movie of the “Next generation crew”.


9. Back to the future

Pure 80s movie magic from the master Steven Spielberg with young Michael J. Fox in his live changing role. The trilogy around a Delorean that can “fly through time” with a flux compensator is just so charming with wonderful creation of past and future eras, like the wild west, the sixties or even a dark presence changed by antagonist Biff. Everyone should have seen this!


8. The Terminator

The mother of all science fiction films made Arnold Schwarzenegger a superstar. As the merciless, unstoppable killer robot he is on the hunt for Sarah Connor, who`s son will once lead humans into rebellion again Skynet. How could Sarah and her human guard possibly escape?


7. Gravity

Alfonso Cuaron`s masterpiece has to be in the top 10 ranking of best sci fi movies. When two astronauts are doing repair work on the Hubble telescope, an incident destroys the telescope and sends them into outer space. Floating there without contact to Earth, their only chance is to reach the ISS. The struggle for survival features beautiful and spectacular pictures as well as nerve-wrecking tension. You have got to see this!


6. Independence Day

Or: The biggest B-movie of all times. And: One of the best sci fi movies ever! The subject “Aliens attack and destroy earth” pretty often led to awful trash movies. But not here. The story well-written with a good cast and provides fantastic scenes like the attack of the White House. Of course this flick oozes with patriotism, the Americans save the world single-handedly, but whatever. This one`s a no brainer in it`s best sense. Stop thinking and enjoy!


5. Mad Max: Fury Road

The reboot of the Mad Max Franchise with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theronwon six Academy awards and is widely regarded as the best movie of 2015. It`s just action-packed with a furious story developement in an apocalyptic wasteland. Watch and enjoy one of the top sci fi movies of all time.


4. Inception

To understand the story around dream manipulation you almost need a PhD. I tried it anyway and was able to follow the stuff that happened there. In Nolan`s Inception world it is possible to extract precious information by infiltrating someone`s subconsciousness. Implanting ideas can also be done and that`s what it`s about here. The dream worlds make Inception a visually stunning experience, combined with a clever-complicated story and a DiCaprio in his usual topform it results in one of the best science fiction films ever.


3. Star Trek: Into darkness

The reboot of the Star Trek franchise was a golden idea. The moldy movies with William Shatner as Kirkare hard to watch nowadays, the realignment focussing on young Kirk and his equally young combatants is simply perfect science fiction. The whole universe is visually impressive, the technical capabilities are utilized to the fullest. I especially like that -in spite of the ever noticable menace- lots of amusing lines and dialogies are placed among the whole movie without taking away the tension. Conclusion: Excellent story, excellent lines, excellent, tricks, excellent pictures, great actors. Clearly the best Star Trek movie ever!


2. The empire strikes back

George Lucas created a wonderful universe with jedi knights, the all-encircling force sweet little battle-teddies and a princess in a golden bikini. The first threee Star Wars movies are an amazing science fiction fairytale and convince with unforgettable characters and a fascinating plot about the fight between the good and the evil. The three parts are of course strongly linked but if you want to highlight one of them, it would have to be the second part. “The empire strikes back” is a little darker than the other parts and comes up with important moments regarding the story, like the shocking news about the Skywalkers family tree. The movie is simply a masterpiece in the genre of science fiction movies.


1. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

I`ll be back! How true, Arnie! The merciless killer machine is back and even better in part two. This time the Terminator is one of the good guys and has to guard the rebellion`s leader against an even more effective killer machine. Director james Cameron delivers a perfect and even thought-provoking movie, that actually criticises our proceeding dependency from machines. Clearly the winner of the top 10 ranking of the best sci fi movies!


Do you agree with the ranking of top sci fi movies? If you think, other films should be mentioned, feel free to leave a comment!




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