Best Funny Movies To Watch – The Ultimate Top Ten

These are the top comedy movies among many really funny movies out there. They are cultic and have legendary scenes to laugh one`s head off en masse. If you haven`t seen them…blame yourself.

I hope you enjoy my selection of the best comedy movies. I have seen many of them and the following ten are the ones, I can watch over and over again without getting bored!


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Best Funny Movies To Watch – Top Comedy Movies Ranking

10. Eurotrip

The road trip of four US american students through half of Europe is stuffed with stereotypes:

  • The Dutch smoke *#$§/’#
  • The Englisch people are accosting hooligans
  • You can buy a complete hotel with a nickel in Slovenia
  • Italians are perverts
  • Germans are Nazis

Sounds pretty cheesy but surprisingly all this appears well-packed and fitting and enormously entertaining. Along the way it features actors in good humor and legendary scenes…a fake papal election or a horny Italian in a small train cabin stay in mind. If you don`t know that one, type “Eurotrip train scene” into Youtube…it`s worth it.


9. Airplane!

The first creation from the legendary gag-manufactory of really funny movies: “Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker”. The absurd dialogues and situations are dreamlike. Luckily they created more and even better. Just keep reading the ranking of top comedy movies…


8. Meet the parents

Ben Stiller plays what he always plays: the good-natured, harmless, friendly and slightly clumsy guy getting into weird situations without doing anything wrong. This time he has to get through a weekend with his dreamgirl`s family and the hypercritical clan gives him quite a hard time. How Stiller`s role Gaylord manages to make it worse and worse just by trying to do the right things is fun to watch, as are his disbelieving and innocent looks.


7. Dumb and dumber

Comedy genius Jim Carrey`s breakthrough role, it seemed to be taylor-made for him. Might not be the cleverest of humor, it falls below the belt quite often. Whatever! The -pardon me- super-dork`s trip to Aspen in order to return a suitcase is funny as hell and has to be in the ranking of the best comedy movies.

6. Hangover

The blackout movie. Who hasn`t woken up with a terrible headache and couldn`t remember anything from the night before? But I guess just a few  found a tiger in their bathroom afterwards. This and similarly crazy stuff is what the iconic ensemble has to deal with after a stag party in Vegas. The reconstruction of the wild night provides lots of surprises and is side-splitting. My number 6 of the best funny movies to watch when you need a laugh!


5. Life of Brian

The Monty Python gang has made lots of amazing stuff, but this one is clearly the best of all their really funny movies! I watched it in school for the first time shortly after we learned to decline verbs in Latin class. That why I will never forget how the whole course was rolling on the floor when an ancient criminal train writer got caught and had to suffer through the same thing as we had to: Correct his grammatically wrong graffiti and decline “i/ite”, sensational stuff! So is Pontius Pilate`s speech disorder and the many other whimsical ideas of the great Monty Python group. Without a doubt one of the funniest movies ever.


4. American Pie

First movie I ever saw where the audience actually gave standing ovations during the end credits. THE highschool comedy par exellence accompanies a sympathetic clique trying to end their virginity. Obviously this leads to hilarious situations, especially when you are supported by Steve “the Stiffmaster” Stiffler (Sean William Scott in his greatest role) himself. Where should I start? Apple pie…Czech exchange student…Jim`s dad…once at band camp…Stiffler`s mom…the Sherminator!!!!! Definately one of the best funny movies to watch and my number one highschool comedy.


3. The naked gun

The gag manufactory “Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker” ups the ante and sends gawky super cop Frank Drebin off to fight L.A. crime. You won`t find a single serious word here, even horrific murder attempts will leave you in tears of laughter. Easyly a podium place among the top comedy movies.


2. Ace Ventura: When nature calls

The pet detective travels to Africa where he has to save a native tribe. Inbetween he occasionally joshes the kind natives and their rituals, so he desecrates their sacred soil. A coat-wearing woman he teaches a lesson by wearing her husband as a coat and despite full-bodied announcement of cat-like reflexes he doesn`t move at all when a spear is thrown towards his thigh. These written description don`t do justice to the number 2 of the best comedy movies, so please take a look what rubber-face Jim Carrey is doing here.


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1. Hot Shots! Part Deux

This is where my ranking of Top 10 comedy movies ends, the winner is: “Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker” – the third and finally peaking. They ignite a non-stop firework display of gags at least five laughs per minute guaranteed. The spectrum ranges from subtle irony over slapstick to brute exxageration. They spoof almost everything: Basic Instinct, Total Recall, Rambo, Rocky, Bob Vila, Star Wars, Platoon, Wall Street, American Gladiators et cetera.Their is actually not a single moment to breathe deeply…the champion of the best comedy movies ever!


Do you agree with this ranking? Are these the ten best funny movies to watch? Or can you think of other top comedy movies that should be mentioned? If so, just leave a comment!







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